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Top 39 Fruit Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of Fruit chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include killer conversation starters and useful comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work as best Tinder openers.

  1. If you were a fruit, you would be a fine-apple.

    But you and me? We could be a pear.

  2. Hey, I'm a fruit fly of course I like bananas!

  3. Hey girl, you remind me of the fruit in Lehi’s dream; precious above all others.

  4. You remind me of the fruit in Lehi’s dream; precious above all others.

  5. I've always thought that cucumbers were such a sensual fruit.

  6. The fruit of the tree of life called. It wants its sweetness back.

  7. Baby, if you were a fruit you'd be a Fineapple.

  8. Are you a fruit salad?

    Cause you dont need dressing, just you, a spoon, and my mouth

  9. Girl, if you were a fruit

    You'd be a fineapple

  10. I would share a paopu fruit with you.

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Funny fruit pickup lines

If Eve was tempted by an apple that has to be my fruit.

Hey girl, what’s your favorite fruit?

Mine are dates. Speaking of which we should on one sometime :)

Very naughty, very original (I think)

Are you a fruit store? Cos I want to eat your melons

Girl are you a fruit ?

Because you're a... fineapple

Girl, if you were a fruit

You'd be a date.

A man walks up to an attractive woman in a bar.

He gets over to her and repeatedly drops citrus fruits.

He says “Excuse me can you help? I’m not very good at pick up limes.”

Two cheesey ones I read today
1. Girl, if you were a fruit you'll be a FineApple.

2. Girl, if you were a vegetable, you'll be a cutecumber

If you were a fruit

You’d be a fine Apple

Is your ass the state fruit of Georgia?

Because it sure is a peach!

If you were a fruit..

I'd call you a FINE-apple.

Roses are red

My life is pretty sad
I would rather have a dark fruits then a wife

I believe you possess the only fruit i lack in my town : the banana

Roses are red,

My life is sad,
J would rather have a dark fruits then a wife

Are you a fruit?

If you are, you’d be apple, because you’re the apple of my eye

If you and I were fruit

We’d make a pretty good Pear ;)

Damn girl, if you were a fruit, you'd be a FINEapple!

Is that low-hanging fruit or are you just happy to see me?

If you were a tropical fruit, you'd be a Fine-apple!

Hey girl, God commands us to be fruitful and multiply. What do you say?

You would be the perfect fruit of my labor.

Let's go back to my place so you can investigate my low hanging fruit (deliberately ambiguous if spoken by a man or woman).

You remind me of the fruit in Lehi's dream... the most precious of all.

You're a Galatians 5 fruit salad.

If I was a fruit fly, I'd land on you first. Because you are so sweet.

Don’t you just love stone fruit?