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Top 50 Nuts Pick Up lines

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  1. Roses are red, Corona's the flu

    Can I quarantine deez nuts inside of you?

  2. Hey girl are you a chipmunk?

    Because I wanna fill ur cheeks with nut

  3. If I were a squirrel, and you were a tree

    I’d put my nuts in you

  4. You have eyes like spanners

    When I look into them, my nuts tighten.

  5. My nuts would fit perfectly in your crack.

  6. Wanna see my nuts?

  7. Do you like tapes and CD's? Cause I'm gonna tape this dick to your forehead so you CD's nuts.

  8. You’re like my favourite chocolate bar - half sweet and half nuts!

  9. Hey can i put my nuts or your rack?

  10. I must be made of pecan pralines, cause I am NUTS for you!

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Funny nuts pickup lines

Your eyes are like spanners. Every time I look at you my nuts tighten.

Wanna see my deku nuts? They'll stun you!

My name's Coco. Would you like to try my nut milk?

Hey baby are you a wrench?

Because every time I see you my nuts tighten.

Guy: Girl you remind me of a wrench.

Girl: How so?

Guy: Because you make my nuts tighten up.

Deku nuts aren't the only things in my pocket.

Hey are you a wrench?
Cause everytime i see you my nuts tighten up

Are you a brownie?

Because you'd look better with my nuts on you.

Are you a nut cracker

'Cause I want to bust a nut in you

Let's pretend we're squirrels... I can bust a nut in your hole

I hope you like goblins, because your gonna be goblin dese nuts.

Corona’s the flu, Dora says si,

Will you quarantine your nuts inside me?

The macadamia nut is the hardest nut on the planet

But when I'm done with you there will be another


Are you a Cheerio, because honey, you make me nut.

Hey, is your dad a chef?

Then how did he cook dat delicious booty with only his nuts

Are you a jar of peanut butter?

Because if I stuck my dick in you, I'd be fucking nuts

Excuse me but can you put some more nuts on the bar.

Hey girl, are you a screw driver?

Cause I'm going nuts over you.

Are you a Bolt?

Cuz I wanna crank a nut on ya.

If I was a squirrel

Could I bust a nut in your bush?


Do you like ravioli?

Cuz boy-are-deez nuts tasty.

Are you a chipmunk?

Cus I bet you'll enjoy this nut in your mouth.

Are you a sock?

Coz I want to bust a nut in you ;)

You have the right to remain sexy

Anything you do can and will make me BUST A NUT

You dad must be chef

With one sausage and two nuts he made a masterpiece (or you can use “chef-d'oeuvre” to sound sexier)