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  1. Aye girl are u a banana

    Cuz u make me go OOH OOH AH AH



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  2. Dang girl are you a banana?

    Cause I want to peel off your skin

  3. Are you Garreth Bale?

    Because you make me go bananas.

  4. Hey, I'm a fruit fly of course I like bananas!

  5. Mosquitos are attracted to people who recently eaten a banana. Just like im attracted to your beautiful eyes.

  6. Is that a banana in my pocket or am I just a hermaphrodite?

  7. Would you like a banana to go with those splits?

  8. Hey do you want to make like a banana and split... The check.

  9. Hey girl, do you like bananas?

    Because I find you very ap-peeling. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. I'd take that cackhanded banana-bender on a walkabout.

banana pickup line
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Funny banana pickup lines

Hey girl, I don’t know much about baking pies...
But you make my banana cream.

Hey girl, are you a banana?

'Cause you look very a-peeling.

If I drop a banana peel in front of you...

Would you fall for me?

Are you a banana?

Cause I'd like to split you, dress you with some whip cream and eat you up.

banana pickup line
This is a funny Banana pickup line!

Are you a banana?

Because I find you appealing...

I don't know much about pie...
But damn, you make my banana cream.

Are you natural sunlight?

Because you’ve ripened my banana.

Hey girl, are you a banana?

Because you're appealing.

Hey baby, you wanna share a banana split? Split your legs and let me pop your cherry

I don't know much about pies

But you sure make my banana cream

Hey girl, are you a carpenter?

Cuz you just made a banana stand.

Hey yo girl, you a carpenter?

Cus you're making my banana stand.

banana pickup line
Working Banana tinder opener

Hey girl are you a banana?

Cause I wanna strip you down and eat you up.

Are you a banana?

Cause damn you're curvy;)

Are you a bite from a Banana Spider

Because you give me an extremely painful erection

Hey did u know humans share 50% of our dna Whit bananas ?

That's probably why you're so a-peeling

Do you work at a pie shop?

Cause you make my Banana Cream

I'm an apple and you're a banana, why would I kiss you?

I find you a peeling.

Are you saitama?

Because you'll love my banana

I believe you possess the only fruit i lack in my town : the banana

Hi, I'm Matt and this is Amy. Would you like to join our fruititarian orgy?

You can hold my banana while I dunk it in cider

Hey baby is your gorilla enclosure open for monkey business?

Better than dropping a banana out a cruise window.

Hey girl, are you a monkey?

'Coz I wanna feed you my banana.