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Top 50 Tea Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Tea pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Tea conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. She can dump tea in my harbor anytime.

  2. My cup of tea isn't the only thing that's sweet around here.

  3. Let’s have high tea & fall in love sometime. You can be my little biscuit.

  4. You're the honey to my tea.

  5. You can dump tea in my harbor any time.

  6. You're like my tea: Hot and British!

  7. Would you like some hot tea because that's what you are a hottie.

  8. Cream tea followed by bedroom croquet?

  9. Would you like to go for some tea?

  10. Girl do you like to drink tea? Because you're so pretea.

Funny tea pickup lines

I like my tea like I like my men, hot and comforting.

Well this made me laugh tea out of my nose.

I am normally a coffee kinda guy

But you are definitely my cup of tea.

If you were a tea,

You would definitely be a cu- tea

I don't like coffee

But i do like you shaw-TEA

Response to "Your name must be Earl Grey, because.."
Today on Bumble, a guy used the pickup line-
Your name must be Earl Grey, because you're a real Hot-Tea

And I was asked if I had any pickup lines too. I said:
Were you responsible for Boston tea party?

He said: No, little before my time

And I finished by saying:

Because looking at you, the tea got wet.

You won't like a coffee date with me

Because you are Cu-Tea ;)

Can you guess my favourite tea? It’s pretty easy

You, shawTEA

You're a full bodied breakfast tea.

Would you like to come over for tea and crumpets?

You're just my cup of tea!

Hey girl! Are you a biscuit?

Cause i wanna eat you with my evening tea.

You're sweeter than the agave syrup in my organic fair trade mint tea.

Hey girl are you coffee?

Cuz I’m more of a tea person myself.

Hey girl, are you tea?

Because you're cutiie

Guess my favourite tea

It's you shaw-tea

I feel like this was already done my now but..

You can call me a twisted tea

Cause I’ll bust on your face

Yesterday i was drinking tea and it reminded me of you, because it was hot af

Can work with any other hot drink of your liking

I like my men

Like I like my tea. In a bag, under water

Sweet tea or sweetie?

Are you a glass of sweet tea cuz you look like a sweetie.

I like my tea like I like my women


Hey girl, is your name Lipton?

Because you seem like a sweet-tea

Hey girl, are you a common drink in britain?

Because you're a hot tea!