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  1. You are just the way I like my beer...

    Strong, Sweet and Addictive

    - Day 82

  2. Call me if you want someone to share that beer with.

  3. I'll neck ya like Hawko necks a beer!

  4. Girl, this isnt a beer belly, its a fuel tank for my love machine!

  5. I’m bored. Entertain me and I’ll buy you a beer.

  6. hat's right, I like my beer and men the same, with a lot of head...

  7. I remember when drinking green beer was cool.

  8. I ordered a beer so you would card me and see I’m an organ donor. Here take my heart and my number.

  9. Whats a beer like you doing in a place like this?

  10. Wanna go grab a beer and howl at the moon?

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Miss Universe, I feel like I could have you right now with a Red Stripe Beer.

If you were a beer...

If you were a beer, you'd be FINEeken light .

If you were a beer pong cup I would never win a game again

Cause I would always miss you ;)

Want a pint of green beer?

Even though I intend to use it with my existing GF, I have a line that I came up with.

"Are you a beer? Because you're simply intoxicating."

So would you like, a soft drink, beer, maybe wine? Or would you just like my number?

Did you steal my beer? That looks EXACTLY like the one I was drinking.

You're prettier than a beer truck pulling up in my driveway.

Are you my favourite beer!!

Because I want to finish you off in one go!!

Excuse me, would you consider yourself to be a feminist?

Default (non-responsive; evasiveness): No

Her: No, not really ...
You: Oh thank God. So, what sandwich do you most enjoy making?

Her: Yes.
You: Oh thank God, I’ll have a scotch no ice, and my boys over here will just have a beer. We’ll be waiting over there for whenever you decide to grow a pair and come over to say hello.

Hey, we should take a coffee together...

Or a beer...
Or a shower.......

Canine beer baby?

Her: Uhm, what?
Me: It's a rhetorical phrase that means "How are you?"
Her: Oh okay, no.

Are you beer pong

Cuz I wanna dip my balls in you

Hey! I think you owe me a beer. Technically, you owe me a pile of soggy cheese fries from sophomore year, but I'll take a beer. (High School Acquaintance)

In medieval times my beer belly would be a sign of prosperity and attractiveness, what do you think?

When you're done with that beer shall we play spinn the bottle?

If someone advertises a Black Friday beer sale I will camp out until I freeze

I bet we would brew good beer together.

Would you like to stop right here?
Would you like to get a beer?
Would you like to pay the tab?
Would you like to grab a cab?

You're so hot, you're making my beer warm.

I had to gather all these beer cans to go on this date with you

Bring on the beer and beads!

Come on! Let's drink green beer. Let's do green jello shots. Where is your St. Patrick's Day spirits?

I gave up beer and beautiful strangers for Lent. Glad I'm not Catholic.

Little known fact: St. Patrick invented green beer, peeing in the street and awkward introductions. Hi, I'm [insert name].