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Top 50 Party Pick Up lines

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  1. How about you join my party and I'll show you my long barrel?

  2. I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.

  3. The Communist Party believes in sharing.

  4. Ooh girl, you make me wanna party like it's 1999! Mostly because I could still get random boners in 1999.

  5. Why don't we have a LAN party and see if our IP's are compatible?

  6. Im tired of being Independent, can I join your party?

  7. For when you're ready to leave the party.

  8. Let's have a Queen party. I'll be Freddie Mercury and you can be my bicycle.

  9. Are you a gender reveal party?

    Cuz baby, I'm burning up for you

  10. Go fiddling with any cocks around here, and we're going to have a real BIG party.

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Wow, bet you stimulate input from third parties.

Come to my party, I'll guarantee to get you in Labour.

You make me want to party like it's 1949!

Whooo! Party like it's 1776!

I hope you're into kinky activities, because I'm the "Chief Whip" of my party in parliament.

Republican? Democrat? Baby, I’m a member of the Pants Party, and you should be to.

The logo of our party is an elephant, wanna see what the elephant and I have in common?

Hey I heard there’s a party in your mouth

Can I come?

Hey wanna play some mario kart 8 deluxe on my switch?

I have plenty of other games on there, like mario party, ARMS, Kirby, some Snes/Nes games, and even some Pokémon games. But if you really want, we can play some smash in my room.

You look independent. Wanna join my party?

Hey girl you must have a pretty great dentist because...

...your teeth are straighter and whiter than the Republican party.

Who do you know at this party?

Well... I'm tryna get to know you wassup?

I might be late for the superbowl party but......

If i was a seahawk.....i wouldnt pass on you.

Theres a party in my pants and you’re invited.

Longish and not that original

*meant for parties and places that aren't random*
Hey, sorry to bother you but I could've sworn I'd seen you somewhere before and can't put my finger on when.
(She says she doesn't remember you)
You sure? Could've sworn when I flatlined at the hospital you were the angel that brought me back. Anyways, meeting you made my heart stop.

Hookup at party

I was I to this guy I've known for awhile. We met up at a party. He asked me if I wanted to go to his place, get pizza and fuck. Hell's yes.

Here's a complex one

1. Paint small chair on face
2. Go to party
3. Find person
4.Walk up to them
5.say "hey seems like you're looking for a place to sit how about here (point to painted on chair)

I'd like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.

The pants party... The party with the pants?

Is there an office party today?

Because you brought cake to work

There's a party and in my mouth

Wanna cum?

There's a party in my pants and you are invited

There's a party in my pants,

and you're invited.

Did you figure out what you're wearing to the Christmas party?

Because you can wear me out!

Girl you’re like a veggie tray

Easy to bring to parties, but ain’t nobody eating that

Guys of reddit - Have you ever successfully approached an attractive girl and gotten digits in a completely random place? Not in a bar, not at school, not at work, or any other place where people commonly converse (like a party etc). If so, what has worked best and where were you when it happened?

I've done it a time or two with success, but it takes me so far out of my comfort zone... In 2019 I want to improve in this area. I'm a believer in the whole "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" thing, even the ridiculous blindfolded behind the back hook shots (equivalent to meeting a girl in aisle 10 of tesco

Anyway, no wrong answers here, the community as a whole can probably benefit from any information about this topic lol