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Top 25 Tank Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Tank pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Tank conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Girl, this isnt a beer belly, its a fuel tank for my love machine!

  2. If you were stuck in a tank, I'd save you.

  3. You're welcome in my shark tank.

  4. I see you're letting your gas tank open... Just so happens I have a gas hose.

  5. Can I share your oxygen tank? Because you took my breath away.

  6. Can I carry your oxygen tank for you?

  7. I should have brought my oxygen tank because you take my breath away.

  8. Shark Tank related!

    Baby, can I put my shark 🦈 in your tank? with 100% equity.

  9. Are you my gas tank?

    Because I'm hoping, before work, to fill you up till I cry.

  10. If you were a fish tank, I would tap that!

tank pickup line
What is a Tank pickup line?

Funny tank pickup lines

I should have packed an extra tank of oxygen
Because you took my breath away (stole this from r/wholesomememes)

Hey girl, are you the Bob Semple tank?

Cause I wanna get in you and blast

You can call me Tank

Because I love the taste of women.

Are you a fish tank?

Cuz I’d ‘tap’ that.

tank pickup line
This is a funny Tank pickup line!

In the form of a logic puzzle.

The solution to the German Tank problem states that if you confirm for certain that at least n of something exists, then the total amount of that thing is probably 2n. Therefore, if I confirm for certain that at least 1 guy likes you, then there are probably at least 2 guys that do.


Now, how do we know that the number of guys that like you are at least 1? Well, the same way that you know, when countin money and starting with a nickle, that you have at least 5 cents. You don't need to know the number, you just need to confirm that one guy likes you, and then you know that at least 1 guy likes you.


I am unable to assess to emotions of other guys, but despite that, I know for absolute certain that one guy likes you, and therefore that there are probably two. How do I know that?

This isn't a beer belly, it's a fuel tank for the love machine.

Can I put my tank into your mall?

Open your brain tank, bro, 'cause here comes some premium 91-octane knowledge. There's three rules of cheating: 1. It's not cheating if you're not the one who's married. 2. It's not cheating if her name has two adjacent vowels. 3. And it's not cheating if she's from a different area code. You're fine on all three counts.

I bet your tank isn’t as hot as you are.

Is your tank top felt? [No] Would you like it to be?

How aboat you come back to my place and check out my huge tank

Nice tanks

tank pickup line
Working Tank tinder opener

Can I buy you a tank of gas?