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50 Parents Pick Up lines

Are you looking for some funny and cheesy pick up lines for parents? Get some good ideas here to help you break the ice with other parents. These pick up lines for parents are clean and funny. Make the best out of these lines to help you flirt and get the attention of other parents.

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  1. Your parents must have been drug dealers.....

    'Cause you're dope

  2. Ur parents must be drug dealers

    Because I'm addicted to what they made

  3. My parents told me to follow my dreams

    Thats why i am sticking with you

  4. Are your parents drug dealers?

    Cause I’m definitely addicted to what they made

  5. Sorry to text you so early in the day

    But my parents did ask me to focus on my future this morning ;)

  6. Hey girl are your legs like my parents?

    Cuz theh need separating

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God must of been angry at your parents when he made you.

Were your parents handicapped? Because you sure are special!

I am not saying your parents are form Al Qaeda

But they definately know how to make a bomb

Baby girl, when you're not around, I feel like Bruce Wayne's parents. Dead.

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Smooth Parents pickup line

I swore on my parents' grave to protect the innocent. Take off your bra.

My parents don't live on the same property.

Can I use your phone?

I'd like to call your parents and thank them for the ransom money I'm about to recieve.

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Hey, my parents are out of town sweetheart. That means we have the haunted mansion all to ourselves.

Seriously baby, I’ll take you out as soon as this check clears from my parents.

Are yer parents retarded?cuz ya sure are special.

Are your parents bakers? Cause they sure made you a cutie pie!

Are your parents retarded?

Cuz girl you special

I want to meet your parents.

I am a big fan of their work!

parents pickup line
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I'm thankful for your parents genes, you're hot.

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Are your parents retarded?

Because I think you're special.

- Robin Williams.

So are you ready to meet my parents?

We've been dating a while, so I'd like you to come over and eat my parents.

Can I follow you home?

Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams

Hey , my parents are out of town . This means that we have the haunted house all to ourselves.

Can I have your Instagram?

My parents said I should follow my dreams.

Are your parents retarded?

Because there's something special about you

Damn girl, are your parents ghost producers? Cuz I can't believe you're responsible for dat ass.

Lemme leave a 5 star review of your parents

On uber eats for making such a cute SNACC / beautiful desert

What is the most difficult thing to do when learning how to surf? Telling your parent that you are gay.

Yo, are your parents drug dealer?

Cause, I am addicted to what they made 🥰

Hey diddle diddle, that's what I want you to do to my v**....

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Are your parents assholes? Because your the shit.

Just by looking at you I can guess your parents are called flour and sugar. There’s no other way to explain why you such a sweet pie.

Are your parents loan originators? Because I want to submit my loan application to take you as my wife.

Hey babe, wanna come over? My parents are home.

I guess your parents are bakers 🤷‍️

Because they made such a cutie pie!

Girl are your parents retarded?
Cause you’re really special

Are your parents beavers? Cuz DAMMMMMMMM!

Could I ask you for a favor? Could you get your parents autograph for me?

Because I’m a huge of their work!

Girl are your parents gay?

Because you look like you were made by da Vinci and Picasso

Your kid is beautiful. I see he/she takes after his/her dad/mom.

Are your parents Polish?

Cuz you just stole my heart...

Tell your parents that I'm great fan of their work

"Are Your Parents Retarded?

Because you sure are special" - Robin Williams R.I.P

Just by looking at you I can guess your parents are called flour and sugar

Cause there’s no other way to explain why you such a cutie-pie

I was told by my parents to do what makes me happy

So can I do you tonight?

Your parents must be retarded

Because you sure are special

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