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  1. My friends bet i can't talk to the prettiest girl

    Wanna use their money to buy drinks?

  2. Hey, are you a rope?

    Cuz I wanna hang with you

    -Made by my friend

  3. Come on baby girl don't let your imaginary friends ruin your sex life...

  4. Sex while wear in a condom is the most environmentally friendly thing you can do.

  5. Woman: "I have a boyfriend."
    Me: Good job. Let's just be friends then.

  6. My friends call me Gail, I was shot in the face,

    by a meth cook named Pinkman, lets go back to your place?

  7. How would you like to sire a bastard? You can tell your friends about it well into your hag years.

  8. My friend just got eaten by a shark. Will you be my new one?

  9. I have one Irish friend. Other than that...kiss me.

  10. Do you want to touch me so my friends can say that an angel has touched me?

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Would you and your friend like to get some team roping?

I have an oversize Friend in my pants!

Ah.. stella my friend, where have you been all my life?

Girl, are you the NSA? Because I wouldn't mind if you shared my nudes among your friends.

Can you touch me I can tell my friends I havs been touched by an angel.

Do you want to be friends with co-benifits?

How about you call a friend, and we can experiment with triplets.

You can tell your friends that you've been on top of Lil Trump Tower...

Are you an Air bender? Because you and your friends all look pretty dead to me.

Do you like to dance? Cool, could you go dance so I can talk to your friend?

Speak, friend, and enter... your number in my phone.

I've got a few friends at the IRS. Got any enemies?

Bring your imaginary friend.

Hi, my friend thinks you're kinda cute, but I don't. I think you're absolutely gorgeous.

Hi! I am *name *, but my friends call me Karma

Because Karma will come bite you in the ass.

I'm a close personal friend of Superman.

It's as if Gaia made you just for me and my friend...

Can you help me bury my friend? He's really long and stiff.

I saw you and was so stunned, my friend asked "Dude, Guatemala with you?"

Of course I believe in safe green sex. My condoms are compost friendly, baby.

I would give anything if you were two people, so I could call up the one who is my friend and tell her about the one I like so much.

Maybe we could be more than eco-friendly.

Your T-shirt looks like a friend of mine's. Did you steal it from her?

Hey baby... 1+1=3, so is your friend free tonight too?

Asking for permission to enter friendly lines. Permission granted?