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Top 26 Peace Pick Up lines

Is your girl or guy into the idea of peace? Use these pick up lines about peace to help you start off the conversation. These pick up lines about peace are cheesy, funny, and sometimes even cute. Use these to help you get that girl or guy now!

  1. What do you say I pop a wigwam and invite you over? I’d love to pass the peace pipe with you!

  2. Good night, nice dreams, love and peace!

  3. What good is inner peace without you?

  4. Is that War and Peace or are you just happy to see me?

  5. War and Peace? More like more-of-seeing-your-face please!

  6. Hey girl can i invade your peace and

    Putin my rocket in you

  7. Are you a rain?

    Cause you give me peace on my loneliest days

  8. Excuse me ms, I'm going to arrest you for disturbing the peace... in my pants !!

  9. I'll enhance your peace, if you'll disarm my soldier.

  10. Are you a peace of art

    Because I want to nail you againt my wall

peace pickup line
What is a Peace pickup line?

Working peace pickup lines

Roses are red, I'll give you a kiss
While you sleep, in peaceful bliss

I come in peace, but I mean business.

You’re under arrest for disturbing the peace... my pants

Thinking about you puts me at ease

As my world slides into chaos, you are my only peace.

peace pickup line
This is a funny Peace pickup line!

Are you “Peace”?

Because I wanna “Be with you”.

Hey girl, are you peace?
Because we come in peace.

Are you a volunteer? Because your existence gives me peace.

Are you in Peace Corps? Because I love your patience and positive attitude.

I heard as a Peace Corps volunteer you have to adjust to the many new and different situations. How about this one?

Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace. (Linus)

Your legs must be tired, from passing out flyers for Green Peace, sit on my lap!

When you shook my hand my world was filled with peace!

peace pickup line
Working Peace tinder opener

I want you almost as much as I want world peace.

How about you show me peace on Earth and I'll show you good will toward men?