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Top 47 Fight Pick Up lines

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  1. They says tongue is the strongest muscle in your body.

    Wanna fight?

  2. Hey girl are u world war III?

    Cause I bet all the bois are fighting over winning u

  3. For a second there I thought I was fighting Steve Austin, because I'm looking at a stone cold stunner.

  4. I need you to help me fight some inflation.

  5. I’ll fight a bear for you sweetie!

  6. I'd give all my diamonds & my emeralds. I'd fight the Ender Dragon, I'd get shot by a Skeleton, just to be with you.

  7. Is that a secret microphone hidden in your trunks to fight tax evasion, or are you just pleased to see me?

  8. I'm having a debate now with my mom and only u can help me win it

    I said angels exist. My mom said no they don't. Just send me your pic, I'll show it to her and easily win the fight

  9. Are you a fighting type?

    Cause you knocked me out!

  10. Girl you must be an angel, because I want to get into a giant mech suit and fight you to the death to protect Earth.

fight pickup line
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I'd go south of your border even if it meant having to fight murderers AND rapists.

I'm a Navy guy, and I'd fight for our relationship like I'd fight for our country.

Yeah, I'd fight through dragons to rescue you.

Are you a fine?

Cause it looks like i’m going to be fighting you in court eventually.

fight pickup line
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A little less fight and a little more spark, close your mouth and open your heart.

I will never say never! (I will fight)/ I will fight till forever! (make it right)/ Whenever you knock me down/ I will not stay on the ground

Black Friday is so hypocritical. one day you're thankful for everything you have then the next day you're fighting over TV's & stuff on sale

Time to fight Eater of Worlds, while I become the Eater of You.

I have sex like I fight a war; I got no exit strategies.

Babe, I will join the Avalanche to fight all the Shinras in the world for you.

I know we fought for independence but I'm gonna fight to get into those pants.

Why are your legs fighting?

Let me help keep them apart

fight pickup line
Working Fight tinder opener

Are you a roll of toilet paper?

Cause everybody is fighting for you.

Where have you been all my life? Fighting patriarchal systems.

Mature cell seeks same who still enjoys cycling and won't go apoptotic on me. Let's fight senescence together!

Please dont take this the wrong way...

It'll be better on both ends if you dont put up a fight...

(I'm ashamed of myself)

Need one for a Sylvia

SuicideDroid use pickup line!
But it had no affect on Sylvia!

->Fight PkMn
Item Run

PS- Thanks in advance lol hope yall enjoyed the pkm reference

I hope our love is like a GSP fight. It never ends.

Sequence of events

*girlfriend comes out with nice dress*
Me: Can you not wear that in public?
Her: Why?
Me: Because I will has to fight with other guys.
Her: Why would you have to fight them?
Me: because they would try to steal you from me cause you lookin fine.

Pickup line for girl name Sara.

We got into a fight. She is upset.

Are you a lawyer? (My own version)

She: yes/no
Nevertheless I want you to fight a case for me
Because only you can win it
(Her name) stole my heart
Fight my case against her and get her to justice
I want a heart for a heart and only you can get me that

It is best if you come from behind.

In sparring

Are you a parking ticket?

Because I'll fight you in court in a year