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  1. A shark just ate my girlfriend.

    Will you be my new one?

  2. Do I know you?

    Because you look a lot like my next girlfriend <3

  3. Do I know you?

    Cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend.

  4. Why do i need a girlfriend when i can have a boyfriend, keito-kun?

  5. Hey, can I borrow your Hearing Aid? My last girlfriend disappeared without returning mine!

  6. Hey girl, can you be my girlfriend this holiday?

    I don’t want snow to be the only thing I’m plowing all month long

    Edit: forgot the word “want”

girlfriend pickup line
What is a Girlfriend pickup line?

Working short girlfriend pickup lines to impress a girl

My dream role is to be your girlfriend.

Maybe is just a coincidence, but you look much like my next girlfriend!

You look like my fourth girlfriend.

"How many girlfriends have you had?"


My girlfriend is like a pizza, I wish I had one.

girlfriend pickup line
This is a funny Girlfriend pickup line!

Works 99%, cuts through Bs.

Would you like to be my girlfriend?

This one will get you a girlfriend
If I had a pennie for everytime you enter my mind I'd have one pennie.

because you never leave

What do you call a lacrosse player who just broke up with his girlfriend? Homeless.

girlfriend Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Now she's our Girlfriend

Roses are red
So is the state
Let us be comrades
Because you are great

You remind me of my dead ex-girlfriend.

Break up with your girlfriend like she’s polio, because she is 99.9% history.

A shark just ate my girlfriend during our fishing trip. Will you be my new one?

You look familiar, because you look just like my next girlfriend!

My girlfriend is like a trampoline, and you are like a trampoline.

girlfriend pickup line
Working Girlfriend tinder opener

If you are a surfer and you just broke up with your girlfriend. You can be called homeless.

girlfriend Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

You look familiar comeback: Like your dead girlfriend?

You know who you could be for Halloween?

My girlfriend.

What kind of fabric do you think you are made of?

I think it's girlfriend material...

One day I'll look back at all of my crowning memories...

I'll think of the day I got a girlfriend, the day I kissed, and the day I met you.


\- Day 98

You look so familiar. Well, I were thinking about my future girlfriend earlier!

Hey I am looking for my girlfriend...

... and I think you could fill the opening.

Your hair looks so good it must be fake. Is it made out of girlfriend material?

“i think we have great chemistry.. wanna add some romance?”

“are you a skater boy? cause i wanna see ya later, boy”

“i’m in the business of misery. wanna join?”

“i heard you like blink-182. wanna make first date a reality?”

“have you heard the news that you’re dead? cause only angels look this beautiful.”

“if i bring you my bullets, will you give me your love?”

“if you take me home, i’d be your king for a day.”

“i wanna be your black veil bride.”

“do you have a girlfriend? if so, i think you need a new one.”

“you wanna join the black parade with me?”

“you look like the kind of person i’d write a song about.”

“this place is boring. wanna be my escape?”

“don’t mean to change the topic, but i think you’re kind of hot.”

“i heard good girls like bad guys. wanna test that theory out?”

I lost my future girlfriend's phone number

I think you might have it

Hey, whats your birthday?

Her : oh its Aug 15th.
Me: oh that's funny. Thats the same birthday as my next girlfriend!

A whale ate my girlfriend, will you be mine?

Are you a goalie? Because my future girlfriend needs to be a keeper.

girlfriend Pickup Lines to Make Her Blush

A girlfriend is like a good carpenter

No wood gets wasted

Like my shirt? You prolly think im gonna say it's made of girlfriend material, but...

In truth, im not sure what my shirt is made out of, but i do know that im 100% cott-on you

Me to my accountant girlfriend

"Without you, there's a big GAAP in my life"

*Walks up to female*

You’re my girlfriend.

You have a boyfriend? That’s ok. My girlfriend and I are into credit-swapping

You look like my third girlfriend
And she's like, how many girlfriends have you had?


Hey, do you mind if I interview you for a girlfriend position?

Do you mind taking a picture together

Cause I gotta show my family what my future girlfriend looks like

You must be the Galapos

Because you have phenomenal boobies.
(This pickup line is approved by my girlfriend)

I can’t find a costume for Halloween. Can I just go as your girlfriend?

Hey girl, your eyes are so beautiful they are giving me astigmatism

I was planning on using this on my girlfriend but thought I would post it here just to see if this is a good compliment

He thinks he just broke up with his imaginary girlfriend.

Hey can I ask a favor?

Can you pretend to be my girlfriend for just like... a few months? Years maybe?

Hey baby, are you a Warp Pipe?

'Cause when I slide into you, you take me to another world!

(Said it to the girlfriend and she lost it, told me to post)

Hey girl ? Do I know you ?

Because you look a lot like my next girlfriend

I hope you're gay because you're an LGB CUTIE.

Used this to pick up my girlfriend boys

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