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  1. I like my coffee like I like my women

    Strong, sweet, and brown\~



    >!Before ya'll call me out on being racist, I'm a brown dude as well aight?!<

  2. Dude are you an email address?

    Because you're a hot male

  3. Damn dude are you michael jackson?

    Cuz all you do is beat it

  4. Ooohh baby, did you like me better when you thought I was a dude?

  5. Mr Sendman! Send me some nudes

    Not just from yourself but all other dudes.
    Give you some head like roses and clover.
    Tell you your loneliest nights are over.

  6. I saw you and was so stunned, my friend asked "Dude, Guatemala with you?"

  7. I don’t mean to be too forward, dude, but I want to have your baby boys — and name them after girls.

  8. Hey dude are you my ship cause I'm feeling sick over you.

  9. Dude, are you... an alien?

  10. Are you Gillette?

    'cause you're the best a man can get.

    (not mine. a dude used this one on me)

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This dude
So I work at a medium clothing store chain in a mall. And I'm just getting on break and a customer loudly says to this chick who I don't think even knew him:

"Damn gurl, if I worked in a grocery store, your ass would be the receiving, and I'd be the freight truck coming inside."

I was a bit surprised to see the volume used as everyone was looking around confused, as well as me. I went on my lunch really trying to figure out what the hell just happened. But then again, I applaud this man for his creativity. That was pretty good if you ask me.

Hey dude, don’t know how it happened, but I lost my dick.

Mind if I borrow yours?

Good opener for Isis

She explicitly mentioned in her bio not to reference the terrorist group, so I'm at a loss. Assistance would be mad appreciated my dudes.

For girls on dudes

Hey are you Santa Clause?
Cause I want to sit on your lap

dude pickup line
This is a funny Dude pickup line!

Hit me with your best pickup lines mah dudes

I’ll try em out and post the results here if you’d like.

For ya all indian dudes out there
Baatei aaisi krta hu ki duniya bhula du ..........
...Baatei aaisi krta hu ki duniya bhula du.......
.........Bistar me to aao tumhe jannat dikha du

Hey dude are you a sandwich

Because I want to put my white sauce between you buns

Hey girl, are you a 2002 Toyota Corolla?

Because you’re reliable but I think a dude may have died inside you

I need some creativity

I need a funny pickup line to tell this guy at school.
I want it to seem smooth and natural, like not too obvious, so if he reacts weird I can play it off

But if you got any other good ones, comment it my dudes

Gimme some fin. Noggin'. Dude!

Dude, I'm an American Express lover... you shouldn't go home without me.

Listen. I don't like to talk bad about anybody behind their back, but you don't want to get with that dude. He's not your type. He eats margarine.

dude pickup line
Working Dude tinder opener

You know, I could very well be the last dude on earth. Just sayin’.