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Top 50 Jesus Pick Up lines

Jesus is the one to pick up the girls. Show these pick up lines with Jesus to your loved ones or flirts. These Jesus pick up lines are cute and funny. Take advantage of these pick up lines with jesus for your religious gatherings like Church or Christmas.

  1. Jesus turns water into wine

    I can turn your girl into mine

  2. Is your name Jesus?

    Coz you getting nailed tonight.

  3. I like my girls how I like jesus

    Tied to a cross

  4. Jesus and I have a lot in common, for starters, we both have a giant piece of wood attached to us.

  5. Hey girl you might not be perfect, but Jesus knows you are to die for.

  6. Hey girl are you Jesus?…

    …cuz i wanna nail you against some wood.

    eh kinda works

  7. You are having a date with Jesus tonight? I understand. We can get together tomorrow.

  8. Hey are you Jesus? Because I wanna nail you good.

  9. Jesus loves me, one day you will too!

  10. Jesus isn’t the only thing that rose today.

jesus pickup line
What is a Jesus pickup line?

Working jesus pickup lines

Have you met little Jesus?

I know you've accepted Jesus into your heart, but is there room for me?

I don't believe in Jesus, but I'd give you a second coming...

Are you Jesus?

Cuz I wanna nail you.

jesus pickup line
This is a funny Jesus pickup line!

Hey girl, if you’re looking for a man with good credit then here I am, Jesus paid for all of my debts!

If Jesus could turn water into wine
It's not impossible for me to turn you into mine.

Girl, you must be Jesus

Because you’re giving me a res-erection

Jesus can turn water into wine.

But i can turn your mother into mine.

If Jesus could turn water into wine

Could I turn you into mine ;))

Jesus turned water into wine...

But i can turn you into mine

They say Jesus turned water into wine, but all I wanna do is turn you into mine <3

Girl, I must be Jesus cause I need to be inside you.

jesus pickup line
Working Jesus tinder opener

If jesus turns water into wine

Could I turn you into mine?

Hey girl, are you Jesus?

Cause I wanna nail you :)

I'm the opposite of Jesus; instead of holes in my hands, I want my hands in your holes!

Are you jesus?

cause i wanna nail you

Hey girl are you Jesus?

You keep crossing my mind

Even Jesus couldn’t give you up for 40 days.

Roses are red, Violets are blue

Jesus turned water into wine,
Im just tryna turn you into mine

I'll treat you like Jesus, nail you and let you hang around for a while.

Are you related to Jesus? Because you're pretty good with getting nailed.

Jesus couldn't make it, so do you want to eat me instead?

Jesus turned water into wine

Me and you can turn Wine into a good time