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Top 50 Us States Pick Up lines

We have compiled a list of pick up lines that are related to the different states of the United States of America. Please note that these pick up lines may or may not be cheesy. They may or may not work. It all depends on how you deliver the lines, and the person that you are trying to pick up. Good luck, and have fun!

  1. Roses are red, so is the state, let us be comrades because you are great.

  2. Now she's our Girlfriend

    Roses are red
    So is the state
    Let us be comrades
    Because you are great

  3. The Arizona desert's full of cacti, but I've got the biggest prick. (Arizona)

  4. Did you just whisper a sweet nothing or was that the gale-force winds? (New Hampshire)

  5. I hope this date never ends. Just stays exactly the same for eight hours straight. (Nebraska)

  6. Isle like you. (Virgin Islands)

  7. You are definitely better than Hannah Montana. (Montana)

  8. Screw me if I'm wrong, but it's freezing in Phoenix. (Arizona)

  9. Are you from Arkansas? Because I'd like you on my ark to kansas. (Arkansas)

  10. Are you from Florida? Beause you are a flower to my heart! (Florida)

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Working us states pickup lines

Are you from Georgia because you're peach! (Georgia)

Are you from Georgia? Men stop gorging into my heart! (Georgia)

Are you from Hawaii? Because you are the howl in me. (Hawaii)

Are you from Maine? Because you are the main one in my heart. (Maine)

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Are you from Nevada? Because you are an alien to my heart, and it allows extraterrestrials. (Nevada)

Are you Spokane for? (Washington)

Boise like me go for girls like you. (Idaho)

Did you just whispher a sweet nothing or was that the gale-force winds? (New Hampshire)

Do you work at KFC? Beause you are the only one for me. (Kentucky)

Go gator. (Florida)

Hello and goodbye, but mostly HELLO. (Hawaii)

Hey Baby did you know they call me Grizzly Bear, because I'm always chasing after the Honey! (Alaska)

us states pickup line
Working Us States tinder opener

Hoosier boyfriend? Because I will beat him an omelette to make you mine. (Indiana)

I am boarderline crazy for you. (Arizona)

I dig you. (North Dakota)

I don't mean to panhandle, but I'm asking for a date. (Oklahoma)

I feel a love connecticution. (Connecticut)

I hope this date never ends. Just stays extactly the same for eight hours straight. (Nebraska)

I like to get off at your exit. (New Jersey)

I loved you first. (Delaware)

I might be missing teeth, but that just leaves more room for your tongue. (Arkansas)

I must be lost because I see paradise. (Delaware)

I pick you. (Maryland)