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Top 50 South Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty South pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy South conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Hey are you Abraham Lincoln?

    Cuz there’s an uprising down south.

  2. So, you go south for the winter?

  3. Hey girl you me north south position?

  4. You want to take a trip down South tonight?

  5. Are you a blood bender because blood rushes to my south pole every time I look at you.

  6. Are you a South American region experiencing the El Nino climatic phenomenon, or are you always this hot?

  7. I may not have a tongue but I’m not useless down south when the time comes.

  8. If you we're a South African marubi ant, I'd attack the current queen for you.

  9. You must be the North Pole of a magnet, because I'm the South Pole and I can't stay away.

  10. I'm north you're south lets join up and make an equator.

south pickup line
What is a South pickup line?

Funny south pickup lines

You are my heart and Seoul.

Are you from South Korea?

Cause I can tell that you're my Seoul-mate.

Are you Abraham Lincoln?

Because youre causing an uprising down south.

Can I be the North Pole of your magnet and you be the South Pole of my magnet? So, we can attract each other.

south pickup line
This is a funny South pickup line!

Are you the avatar? Because you just activated a portal in my South Pole.

Hey girl, are you from the south?
Cause I’d like to “bayou” a drink

Want my whisky mouth all over your blonde south?

I may not have a tongue sweetheart but I’m not useless down south when the time comes.

It's clear from my briefs that you have handled the risk of any deflation issues down south.

I motion for a 30 minute unmoderated caucus in the delegate of South Korea's pants.

I don't know which South American country you are from, all I know is that I can't take Mayas off you.

Abraham Lincoln

Hey girl are you Abraham Lincoln? Cause you're starting an uprising down south.

south pickup line
Working South tinder opener

Are you a Union Army General?

Cause I'd let you invade my south any day!

The lower the interest rate up north, the larger the spread down south.

Hey girl, if you'll be lower Manhattan then Ill be the South Tower

And Ill go down on you in less than 11 seconds

Are you Jefferson Davis? Cause you're making the south rise.

North, South, East, West, whichever way I look I like you the best!

Are you an adorable South American member of the Raccoon family? 🤔

Because you're such a Cutiemundi.

Hey girl, are you from South Dakota?

Cause you make my Mount Rushmore

I must be lost...

...Because I thought the land of fairies was further South.

Hey babe, is your middle name South Africa?

Because mine is Lesotho and I want to be fully deep inside you.

In Deep South Louisiana accent

Ey baby wont ya come on over and cut me off a slice of that there genitalia you been toatin round

Are you bone marrow?

Because I feel a surge in Red Blood Cells down south, you maybe the reason why