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  1. Are you the small, mountainous country of Andorra?

    Because you’re beautiful and not enough people know about you.

  2. Let’s go out and I’ll do to you what neither of these candidates will do to the country.

  3. Hey, girl - I'm the best rider in the country.

  4. Baby, we come from different countries, but tonight let's speak the 24 official languages of love.

  5. So you’re from the largest country in the world? Well tonight, I’ll be the largest thing in your world.

  6. Hey babe, want some offspring from the Father of Our Country?

  7. I just want someone to kiss me regardless of country of origin.

  8. The whole country is frozen, but lookin at you I have a warm front coming.

  9. Do you like Northeast African countries? Cuz I'm all about Djibouti.

  10. Baby yuh full a curve like country road.

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Now that Trump is president, our country surely is screwed... and you can be too!

I'm a Navy guy, and I'd fight for our relationship like I'd fight for our country.

Hey girl, are you my country?

Because I'll die for you

For a third world country you sure do look developed.

I don't know which South American country you are from, all I know is that I can't take Mayas off you.

You must be a cross country course, because you take my breath away.

Are you a country road?
Cuz I’d like to take you home

I devoted my life to get to this country. Now that I am here I will devote my life to show you love & affection.

Hey girl. If I could own any country in the world, I'd make Djibouti mine.

You served our country, I wanna serve you.

Are you country roads?

Cuz I want you to take me home

For a special Latino in your life ;)

"Damn girl, are you a mariachi band? Because you're banned in my country."

Hey girl, are you an African country?

Because I wanna take a tour of Djibouti.

The one with music

Country roaaads
Other person: take me hoooome
Well, if you insist.

Hey, are you Country Roads?

Cause I'd like you to "Take me hooome, Country Roads"

Is your name Country Roads?

...because I want you to take me home.

Apparently India is the most invaded country in the world

Are you India? Cos I want to enter your borders

For aussie people

You must be woolies cause i don’t have your nunber and i can’t cole you.

(don’t know if other countries have woolworth’s and coles.)

Trust me its genius [M4F]

You: If you were asked to pack a bag and leave tonight for a trip to anywhere in the whole world. Where do you like to go?

Her: what ever country she likes (Does not matter)

You: i think you should go to Greece

Her: why

You : because you are a greek goddess

When did you get so good at track?

Cause you run dis dick cross country

You know about the country Uraqt?

Her: What about it

Me: it's spelled U R A Q T
(Snacking sounds intensifies)

If ur a middle eastern country then i must be America

Coz all I wanna do is drill you ;)

Heres a meme

Are you (a) country boy because I love you ahh

Credit to the Donkey Kong Country cartoon for this one

Girl, I'm gonna shower you with coconut cream pie ;)

[50F to 30M] You're French. Look at your President. Everything is possible in this country.

I almost fell for it.