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Top 50 Bottom Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey girl are you SpongeBob ?

    Because I want to visit your bikini bottom.

  2. Hey, are you my School Essay?

    Cause I want to stuff you to the bottom of my bag, forget about you for a week, remember you last minute, start doing you, get bored, last ten seconds, then spend the rest of the year listening to gossip about me being a failure.

  3. Yes or no question; is it wet in Bikini Bottom?

  4. Hey girl, are u the bottom of my laptop cause ur HOT.

  5. So, when are you gonna let me go down to Bikini Bottom?

  6. Baby! You smell like trash from Flea Bottom, can I take you out?

  7. Do you wanna go to your sand castle or mine and race to see whos Bikini's Bottom's Fall first?

  8. If I can’t get into Bikini Bottom, I’ll settle for the Bikini Top.

  9. Are you the bottom of my laptop?

    Cause you're hot and I'm getting nervous.

  10. Are you the bottom of my laptop?

    Because you’re hot and I’m getting nervous.

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Funny bottom pickup lines

Hey, are you the bottom of my early position opening range because you're a QT.

I wanna live in your bikini bottom.

Damn girl, are you a beef roast?

Because that bottom round, well done.

I’ll be positioned top and you can be positioned bottom.

bottom pickup line
This is a funny Bottom pickup line!

Girl, you're hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

*drops microphone*

Hey baby are you the bottom of my laptop?
Cause you’re hot and I’m nervous

F**k me if I'm wrong, but isn't your name Easy-Bottom?

Are you the bottom of my laptop?

Cause you're super hot and you're making me kinda nervous

I have a grand strategy for you: do you prefer a top-down or bottom-up approach?

I just made this one up to use on my girlfriend.

She is a chemistry major. "Damn girl, are you a meniscus? Cause I sure like looking at your bottom."

Hi, I am Iron Man. And I love you from the bottom of my arc reactor.

I love you from the bottom of my arc reactor. (Iron Man)

bottom pickup line
Working Bottom tinder opener

I'd would love to see how your bottom line compensates for the inflation in my pants.

Hey girl are you bedrock?

Cause I wanna hit rock bottom.

Hey baby you're hotter than the bottom of my laptop

And it is smokin

Are you a shirt?

'Cause it looks like you could use a bottom ;)

Are you top text

Because im a bottom text

I want you like JFK wanted a car with a roof

Bottom text

For you ;)

Are you my self-esteem? Because you made my mouth hit rock bottom

Best response for Are you the bottom of my laptop? Because you're really hot and I'm getting nervous.

What's the best, funny comeback for this pickup line?

I know you are on top of your game most of the time

But with me, you would be on the bottom

Hey girl. You remind me of an ice cream cone.

I wanna start off on the top and work my way down to the bottom, and wanna lick that white cream coming out of that hole until my mouth is full of it.

Girl, you remind me of a deviled egg

Firm bottom, soft inside, and covered in spice