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Top 50 Bout Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Bout pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include killer conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. How bout I punch your ballot with my meat mallet?

  2. Hey baby, how bout i teach you the Sn2 mechanism and show you a backside attack?

  3. You’re a squatter? How bout you squat on my crotch?

  4. Eh Baby, how bout you mine my shaft?

  5. How bout you bend over and I'll takeover.

  6. How 'bout I install my Trojan in you?

  7. So, after he feeds us, how 'bout we check out the view from behind the creepy plastic diver and his plastic treasure?

  8. How bout you and me go talk about the birds and the bees.

  9. How bout we do some inside her trading?

  10. Hey girl do u smell that

    It smells like upsexy

    What's up sexy

    Nothin much how bout you gorgeous

bout pickup line
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Funny bout pickup lines

How bout you take my arrow somewhere other than your knee?

How bout you let me shove my carry-on in your overhead compartment?

How bout a bottle of rum? Drink up cause we're about to get swashbuckled.

Girl, how bout we drop our AT Fields for a second so I can show you my Human Instrumentality Project?

bout pickup line
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Hey babe, How 'bout we snort some Maalox together?

The Sistine Chapel was nothing.There’s something bout lying on your back & getting filled with inspiration.

Hey baby I know what your bed looks like. How 'bout we check it out together?

Him: “Hey girl I’m bout to win the lottery.” Her: “How?”

Your seven digits right now

How bout you come over here and let me put my damp-it in your f-hole.

Hey baby, let's find something to taco 'bout.

Hey ya like bacon and pancakes?

Wanna strip? After that how bout IHOP on that d?

Ayy girl, are you a pepper?

Cuz I'm bout to be jalapeño yo ass.

bout pickup line
Working Bout tinder opener

Wanna go halves in an abortion?

No? How bout just the baby then

Are you Reese’s puffs?

Cause I’m bout to Eat em up, Eat em up, Eat em up

Are you a Belgian?

Because I’m bout to violate your neutrality

(This post was made Schlieffen plan gang)

Baby, chai-know you’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout me.

'If I had the monopoly on you, I'd be sent straight to jail' and more awful ones I thought of... (If any of these have been done before, I didnt re do them consciously)

'Do you believe in love at first sight?, how bout in a van in the dark'

'looks like you're bored, well I'm game'

'I can take you to a place where clothes are 100% off'

'It must be dark in here because I wanna bump uglies'

'Girl you must be illegal, coz my parole officer says I need to stop following you'

'If beauty was a drug, I would be sniffing you all night long'

'If you were a pageant queen, you would be Miss'd the last bus'

'Girl you must be tired, coz running in duct tape is hard'

'Do you believe in love at first sight? how bout in a van in the dark'

'Your face is like a toilet, it makes me flush'

Is it Thanksgiving

Cuz imma bout to stuff your turkey

Roses are red, I kissed Hitler,

How bout' you give me reddit silver.

Roses are red, I wrote a blog,

How bout' I ejaculate inside your dog.

Roses are red, Communism is great,

How 'bout we go on a Date

Hey girl are you a road safety law

Cause I'm bout to ignore you.

Can I tell you my abcd bout you

I’ll give you the D later