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Top 50 Worth Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Worth pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Worth conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Your name is worth 7 points in scrabble.

    Which suprised me because you're definetly a 10.

  2. Even if you're 72 dpi, you're worth it.

  3. Are you worth the side effects, girl?

  4. They say a picture is worth a thousand words

    But if it was of you I would still be speechless

  5. Aye, now that be a booty worth plunderin'!

  6. Baby you're worth more then 1 billion.

  7. If your phone number was your net worth

    How much would it be?

  8. Are you a recyclable?

    Because you look used but still worth something

  9. It's your lucky night. My semen is worth millions.

  10. Are you a Prime Time Player baby? Because you're worth millions of dollars.

worth pickup line
What is a Worth pickup line?

Working worth pickup lines

Tequila might not be the answer. But it's worth a shot.

Your so beautiful, you have to worth more then three cows...

You are worth more than the ordinary legislative procedure. You deserve a special legislative procedure from me tonight.

Are you a warm door handle in a burning building?

Because I'm nervous about going in, but it's worth it for a child.

worth pickup line
This is a funny Worth pickup line!

You are what is making every morning worth waking up for.

Someone like you is worth taking 20 on.

You're the only thing about this ride worth smiling about! Got a cell phone? I'd love to chat with you!

You know what the diffrence is between you and GME stock? (Works on anyone)

Reddit thinks you're both worth loads, but I was smart only to invest in you.

Your eyes are worth at least 100 horses.

You're worth melting for.

If I can't have you, life isn't worth guarding.

Your name is only worth so many points in Scrabble, but really you are definitely a 10 in my rule book.

worth pickup line
Working Worth tinder opener

You're the only mystery worth solving.

You're not Mr. Right... just Mr. Right Now. To be honest, our time together has just become more effort than you're worth.

And when you smile the world is brighter, you touch my hand and I'm a king. Your kiss to me is worth a fortune, your love for me is everything.

Roses are red, I can show you your true worth

You’re like the Snapple slogan: “Made from the best stuff on Earth!”

Have you been quarantined? Never mind you are worth it to die for.

If you spell uno backwards it's On- U and that's where I wanna be.

Found thus pickup line on Instagram and thought it was worth posting here.

You would totally be worth the climb!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. They were wrong. Whenever I see your pictures, I just think “Wow.

Are you Spotify ads?

Cause you keep showing your worth.

If you were a card(as in deck of cards) what would you be?

I think you will be the Queen of my Heart because you are the only one worth kneeling to. If you know what I mean ; )

So... You wanna put our minecraft beds together and hold hands?

If they say no because they don't get it they ain't worth your time lol