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  1. Man, I’d think you have to be a pre-famine 1700s Irish farmer with well fertilised, well-drained land that’s rich will organic matter...

    But that bulge is too big to be a prize winning potato

  2. Hey baby, I'm rich and probably going to die soon.

  3. I like my women like I like my stouts: Smooth, Rich, and Always making me come back for more.

  4. Im like a mercenary

    Cause im rich, badass, and ill take you out

  5. Damn girl you must be a banker

    Because I feel rich with all the love when I'm with you

  6. Is this pickup line too edgy?

    I live in the bay area:

    "Just imagine I'm white, rich, and has the body of your dreams. Now swipe right."

  7. Are you rich and 30 years older than me?

    Cause i need some sugarmoney from my sugarmommy

  8. Hey girl are you rich?

    Cause I wanna eat you.

  9. This compost soil is so dark and rich… like I like my men.

  10. Hey, sleep with me.
    I am not scary.
    I'm really rich.
    I'm Drew Carey.

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You probably wonder why I got no shirt on, babe I am rich because I sold the top.

Marriages, like a garden, take time to grow. But the harvest is rich unto those who patiently and tenderly care for the ground.

I am very rich and let's go spend some money, honey. Bloop!

Did I tell you I'm filthy rich and my mother's dead?

My apartment smells of rich mahogany, you should take off all your clothes.

Rich Cronin: Hi, my name is rich. I like girls that wear Ambercrombie and Fitch.[well that one was obvious heheeh]

I might be a fa-ba, but being rich is cosa nostra.

I don't care if you're rich or poor because I will make your cash flow.

Hello my name is Rich and I have exensive tastes.

I'm incredibly rich. Here's a new iPhone 5 with my number in it. Call me sometime.