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  1. What is 999,999,999 + 1?

    The amount of ways I Wana make you smile.

  2. Imagine you and I are in a grocery store.

    We're in the produce section. You see me. I see you. We exchange a good-natured smile. You can't help but notice something odd about me: I'm carrying a large amount of limes. It puzzles you, but you go back to your shopping nonetheless.

    After a while, you see me start to walk past you. As I do so, I spill the limes all over the floor around you. Exasperated, I bend down to pick them up. I do a poor job of it, spilling two every time I pick one up. Eventually, I stop and look up at you with a nervous grin and say "I'm so sorry, ma'am. I'm no good at pickup limes."

  3. If you had the same amount of money of your phone number.. How much would that be?

  4. The reasons to date me are like a circle.

    An infinite amount of points

  5. How much do you know about astronomy?

    Fun fact, great astral objects such as galaxies and planets actually do exhibit a small amount of gravitational force on people, but because they're so far away and our own Earth's gravity is so strong, we don't really notice it. In fact, it's less than the gravity of another human standing a few feet away form you!

    *Which means,* that when I pull you in for a kiss, it's because I love you with more force than all the moons and stars in the midnight sky.

  6. Are you my favorite video game?

    Cuz I can see myself spending an unhealthy amount of time with you

  7. Your parents must be filing huge amount of taxes every year?

    Coz they own such a valuable asset

  8. Best one ever!!!

    If you found a bag of money with
    the same amount as your phone
    number, how much money would you have?

  9. I like you more than the amount of salt it took to make Eleven's sensory deprivation pool.

  10. Y'know, all the stars in the sky cant sum up the amount of words there are to describe how much of an amazing person you are.

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If this was the last 45 minutes of our lives, we'd probably do something crazy like go have kiss now huh?
Now considering that there's a tiny nonzero probability that this is the last 45 minutes of our lives, can we go have kiss for a tiny nonzero amount of time?

There is a certain amount of respect I would love to obtain from you.

But this aspect of understanding and knowledge of each other, I would love to get to know you better in all ways in order to respect you more fully, ways i can obtain this respect comes with the knowledge of knowing you better physically, mentally, spiritually and in all other aspects. Knowledge of each other physically can be accomplished in several ways, perhaps a tactic of understanding can be done in photography of our physical bodies. Perhaps we could exchange detailed photographs of us physically in order to understand each other better in turn to set the stage for an even deeper, solid, and respectful relationship

Are you an ideal amount of red phosphorus?

Because I’m a proportioned tiny wooden stick and I think we’re a match

My scanners detected high amounts of sexiness in this quadrant, and i think i have found the source.

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Are you an APR interest loan?

Are you an APR loan amount of 100,000$ over 30 months? ...because I have a dangerous amount of interest in you.

You need to see a doctor right away!

you’re lacking significant amounts of vitamin me

In the form of a logic puzzle.

The solution to the German Tank problem states that if you confirm for certain that at least n of something exists, then the total amount of that thing is probably 2n. Therefore, if I confirm for certain that at least 1 guy likes you, then there are probably at least 2 guys that do.


Now, how do we know that the number of guys that like you are at least 1? Well, the same way that you know, when countin money and starting with a nickle, that you have at least 5 cents. You don't need to know the number, you just need to confirm that one guy likes you, and then you know that at least 1 guy likes you.


I am unable to assess to emotions of other guys, but despite that, I know for absolute certain that one guy likes you, and therefore that there are probably two. How do I know that?

Are you a bank

Cuz I have a crippling amount of interest for you

I like you more than the amount of salkt it took to make Eleven's sensory deprivation pool.

You are just the right amount of rez for me.

My scanners detected high amounts of sexyness in this quadrant, and i think i have found the source.

My love has zero amount of FUD with you.

amount pickup line
Working Amount tinder opener

You must be a small amount of red phosphorus and I must be a tiny wooden stick… Because we're a match.

No amount of Starbucks Coffee could keep me awake like you do.