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  1. There are lots of things we don't know about the universe.....

    All I know is that it starts with U N I.

  2. Are you suicide?

    Cuz i think about you a lot

  3. Do I know you? Cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend.

  4. Jesus and I have a lot in common, for starters, we both have a giant piece of wood attached to us.

  5. I'd need a lot of pica poles to measure my love for you.

  6. Do you know the move Charm? You pack a lot of it!

  7. You're just like an iPhone. Why use a case when you look a lot sexier with nothing on.

  8. I do a lot of traditional climbing, but if you want to lead me somewhere, I’ll follow.

  9. Ay girl, you must have a lot of clutch power because I can't be detached from you.

  10. A lot of things can be done with you, you know like...things...especially some very bad things.

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Well it's not like you have a lot of options here Eve.

Are you a member of the ginyu force? ‘Cause I can see you in a lot of exotic positions.

I see you got a lot of room in your backset.

Natures a lot better at inventing wonder than we are, and you're living proof.

My workout sessions are a lot like my relationships. Quick, intense cardio with lots of intervals, followed by pizza.

You know, I may break a lot of windshields, but I'll never break your heart.

Hey your hands would be a lot warmer if they were down the front of my pants?

You must be on top of a lot of tables with statistics like that.

My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm, maybe we can change that?

You look a lot like my next boyfriend.

You'd look a lot better if you were properly laid out.

I’m going to be around you a lot. Days, nights, weekends, holidays...

You know, without my glasses on, I’ve been told I look an awful lot like Superman.

Hey girl are you a pirate

‘Cuz you’ve got a chest and a lot of booty

hat's right, I like my beer and men the same, with a lot of head...

You attract a lot of foodstuff. Baseline, you're attractive.

How much do you charge? My paper-grading job doesn't pay a lot.

Hi, are you a member of the Ginyu Force? 'Cause I could see you in a lot of exotic positions.

Are you a rocket?

Because you cost a lot, weigh a ton, and only last a minute.

You know, you look a lot like Taylor Swift.

I hope you don't have a roommate, because tonight, I want to make a lot of The Sound and the Fury with you.

Hey, if you're chilly my sunburn is radiating a lot of heat.

Are you a pirate? Cause I’ve got a lot of semen waiting for you.

Getting lucky usually means finding my car in the parking lot, but tonight you can change that.

70 years on ice left me with a lot of catching up to do... I’d like to start with you.