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Top 50 Side Pick Up lines

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  1. Can I be the wax to your candle?

    Because I want to drip down the side of you

  2. Are you the cold side of the pillow?

    Because I wanna burry my face inside you.

  3. Please end up this poverty in my heart and stand in solidarity by my side.

  4. Are you passed out on the side walk? Or are you my snow angel?

  5. Girl, I got to tell u, that suit looks like a piece of 'Good God' wrappd up in some 'Have Mercy', with a side of 'Ungh!

  6. Are you worth the side effects, girl?

  7. Hey babe, are you a rectifier? Because Im only seeing the positive side of you.

  8. Girl, are you fries? Because I would like you at my side.

  9. You must be a one-sided balance sheet, all assets and no liabilities.

  10. Yo girl. Are you a cubed dice roughly a quarter of an inch on every side? Because you fine.

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What is a Side pickup line?

Funny side pickup lines

Hello, my name is Endo...

let me show you the Dark Side.

Olly... are you an egg? Because the moment I see you, my smile turns sunny side up.

Hey there, baby girl, I bet I can make you wet as a warthogs back side!

Are you a side effect of a vaccination?

Because you are one in a million.

side pickup line
This is a funny Side pickup line!

Baby if you were a football i’d be your side goalkeeper.

Hey, are you a glacial feature, because I’m gonna erode the sides of your V-shaped valley into a U-shaped valley.

Are you a rectifier? because Im only seeing the positive side of you.

I am like the matchstick,

Insignificant and weak. You are the side strip of the matchbox, during my hard times, you were weathering with me and that's when I realised that there is a spark between us.

*Less like a pickup line though*

Baby you light up my world like a piccolo lights up the sharp side of a tuner.

Baby you light up my world faster than a piccolo lights up the sharp side of a tuner.

Are you a skating rink?

Because I wanna hold on to your sides while trying not to slip out.

Are you the maths test

Because your back side is going to be hard for me to swallow

side pickup line
Working Side tinder opener

Aye girl, you a twix? Cause I want both sides of you.

Hey girl, are u a pistol?

Cuz I want u by my side ;)

I've been around the world...

And my favourite place is by your side

Hey girl are you my side project git repository?

Cause I want to commit to you.

Girl, are you a baked potato?

Because I'd like you as a side

Anyone know what this mean?

A girl opened up a conversation with "Hi! I think it'd float your boat for you to know that I eat both sides of the cassette tape." I mean i know that sometimes cassette tape would get 'eaten' by the player, yet i'm not sure what is the context here. She then follow up with "I'm sure you understand what i'm getting at here". I did advertise my profile as being kinky if that's relevant, yet i still have problem connecting the dots.

To be used on strangers

Approach target on either left/ right side the say "Hey do you believe in love at 1st sight?"
If she says no, do a quick spin around to the other side from her back and say "How about at 2nd sight?"
Hope this works!

Hey let me flip this coin and whatever side it land on that's what I get.

Are you a side of guacamole?

Because I’d totally pay extra for you.

Hey girl, are you an ukrainian president?

Because I want you to stand by my side when things get really bad

You know, I'm pretty jealous of your arms

Because they get to be by your side