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Top 50 Us History Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you a pilgrim? Because I'd let you land on my rock. Plymouth's got nothing on me, if you know what I mean.

  2. Are you a union worker with a history of anarchy?

  3. Are you in charge of the new transportation bill because you have been running through my mind all day!

  4. Are you the cuban missile crisis?

  5. Are you the manhattan project? I've gotta say – you're bomb.

  6. Baby, you can trust me. I always pull out at the last second.

  7. Baby, you have more curves than the Democrat Party line.

  8. Call it manifest destiny, but I truly believe it's my god-given right to acquire you.

  9. Call me John Adams, 'cause I want to be all up in your xyz affair.

  10. Call me Paul Revere because I'd like to give you a midnight ride.

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Did the rules change about camping outside the capital because you got me pitching a tent.

Do you want to see a majority whip?

Girl, after tongiht, I won't be the only one needing a wheelchair.

Girl, try as it might; the agricultural adjustments act couldn't keep me from plowing your field.

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How would you like to take a ride on Air Force One?

I asked Barack Obama if you and I could get together later, and he said "Yes, you can".

I don't need a CRS report to tell me how beautiful you are.

I have sex like I fight wars; I have no exit strategy.

I may not be the POTUS, but I see US on TOP of each other.

I motion to elongate the caucus.

I must be the U.S. Capital. Because my statuse of freedom can be seen from miles away.

I think you should remove all barriers to imports? It will ease my inflation and the benefits will trickle down.

us history pickup line
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I would gladly admit to having sexual intercourse with you.

I'd like to get your opinion on my poll.

I'd love to have a discussion with you about Bush, Dick, and Colin.

I'll build you a moon base, if you let me get to third base (twice).

I'm gonna go ahead and UC the motion to have you come back to my place for some bipartisan outreach.

I'm like the Vietnam War - way longer than you thought I'd be.

I've got a five year plan and it includes you... well, it doesn't have to be five years - one night works for me!

I've got a stimulus package waiting for you in my pants.

I'm so glad prohibition was repealed, because i'm drunk on you.

Just ask thomas paine; he knows dating me is common sense.

Just because the national debt is going up doesn't mean I can't go down on you...