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Top 50 quarantine Pick Up lines

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  1. Damn, this COVID-19 stuff sure does suck...

    But you can't spell quarantine without u, r, a, q, t

  2. Roses are red, Corona's the flu

    Can I quarantine deez nuts inside of you?

  3. Roses are red, days in quarantine just go by...

    Poetry's hard but so am I

  4. Hey I think we need to go into quarantine together

    Because your smile is contagious

  5. Do you get quarantined often? ’Cause you have an infectious personality.

  6. Roses are red, violets are blue

    If coronavirus doesn’t get me, will you?
    (After quarantine is over)

  7. If I am quarantined..

    Will you be my disease? I don't wanna be coronalone

  8. I know valentinesday is already over but..

    Will you be my quarantine?

  9. I’m out of quarantine snacks. Are you available?

    Get it? Cause you’re a snack.

  10. Hey girl, are you quarantine?

    Bcs I feel obligated to stay inside you.

quarantine pickup line
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Latest quarantine chat up lines

Doctors are recommending you stay inside.
Lucky for us, you can't spell quarantine without U and I.

Coronavirus pickup mega-compilation

**Some I borrowed, some I stole, some I tweaked. Dating app seal of approval for these no lies.**

* Covid cancelling everything except my feelings for you ️
* When the quarantine is over, would you be interested to be less than a meter away from me?
* Hey just so just to let you know, you can't spell quarantine without U R A Q T .
* Government is banning all non-essential travel I hear BUT if we hurry we can get to my place before your south border closes!
* Hey did you hear the NBA shut down? But that doesn’t mean I can’t come over and shoot my shot right?
* Due to the coronavirus stocks are going down I hear, so do I, girl .
* Hey so I went to my doc to get tested for the coronavirus.
* \*waits\*
* Doc says I'm fine just missing one thing: vitamin U .
* Oh wow did you hear now the coronavirus could potentially be transmitted through oral s3x?
* \*waits\*
* Yeah but doctors are not sure apparently. Want to test it out?
* Does this mean we can go halfsies?
* On a #quarantinebaby I mean.
* Wanna play quarantine? Masks on pants off go!
* They say the key to coronavirus detection is a high fever, don't worry I have a built in thermometer ;)
* You wearing face masks when you go out? Or worried they make u look crazy.
* \*waits\*
* I'm sure you could rock the mask! It would look very becoming on you.
* Of course, if I was up on you I would be coming as well .

And for the finale:

* Now here's a riddle for you: Lauren and Jake have the coronavirus, they are going to the movies with their friends Joe and Kim who don't have the virus.
* You have to arrange their seats so contagious people sit next to each other, but not next to healthy people. The rules are Lauren has to sit to the right of Jake, and to the left of Joe, and you can't have Jake next to Kim, and you can only move once, and they can't sit in in the aisle, and ah fk it will you just come sit on my lap and give me a big smooch/ride me/something dirty?

Roses are red, quarantine's been shitty

When this is all over, can I please touch your titties

Roses are red, corona is a flu

Let’s quarantine and chill,
and let me cum inside of you

Roses are red, People are in quarantine,

I know its late
But, Will you be my valentine?

Corona’s the flu, Dora says si,

Will you quarantine your nuts inside me?

My gym is closed because of the quarantine...
Can I work you out instead?

- Day 118

Roses are red, my balls are blue...

I'd say fuck the quarantine, but I'd rather fuck you

You are so annoying!

You're one of the reasons that it's so hard to stay home during quarantine.

Roses Are Red, Violets are blue

I’d rather quarantine myself with you

Did you know that Quarantine can't be spelt without

U R A Q T.

Roses are red...

Your body is lean

I need your cock

During this quarantine

Roses are red, they are white too...

Quarantine's fucking my mind, cause I'm missing you

Do you know the best part of being infected by Coronavirus?

I got to stay next to you in Quarantine

Will you be my Quarantine?

COVID19 pick-up line

Are you out of things to do this quarantine?

Because you could always do me

People are terrified, nothing seems fine.

I worry about you, how's your quarantine?

When quarantine is finished I'd like to see you in some sort of fashion...

Lingerie preferably

Rose are red quarantine is shitty ( italian lovers only)

La sola cosa che mi fa contento sono le tue tette al vento.

( FREE translation of: the only thing thatbmakes me happy is a pic of your titty.

Here's one for the Corona Virus

Hey are you America during the quarantine, cause I can't seem to stay 6 feet apart

What do quarantine and cuddle share in common?


I hope I don’t get caught breaking quarantine because I’m about to go to town on you

Pleased with myself for coming up with this one

Never had the courage to ask you out on Valentine's...

So, Will you be my quarantine partner for Corona time?

- Day 78

Hey there, are you the vaccine ?

Because the whole world is chasing you.

Want you more than toilet-paper

Roses are red
Introverts would like the quarantine

Hey honey
Be my valentine?

(Please tell me the pronunciation is "kwaren-tyn")