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  1. I know we aren’t socks...

    But I think we make a great pair.

  2. 7.594 billion lips on the planet

    And all I can think about is kissing yours

  3. I wanted to take you to the movies...

    But I don't think I could look away from you long enough to see one.

  4. Roses are red today I think your pretty great

    Today's my cake day we should make it a date

  5. Are you my suicidal thoughts?

    Because I can’t stop thinking of you.

  6. If you and I were little frogs

    We could sit on leaves together. u ever think abt that.

  7. If I had a dollar for everytime I think of you.... I would have a dollar

    Coz you never leave my mind.

  8. Hey girl are you suicide

    Because I think about you alot

  9. You know those gaps between your fingers?

    I think they were made for mine

  10. Hey beautiful,I think you are a hotel room?

    Cause I wanna be inside you for just one night ;)

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Funny thinking pickup lines

He : Babe please tell me are you good at algebra
She : yes. Why ?
He : You think you can replace my x without asking y

I used to think your curves were perfect

But then I saw your smile and I knew what perfection really looked like

I was thinking about my future, and I was wondering.

Are you free for the rest of your life?

Hey I think we need to go into quarantine together

Because your smile is contagious

thinking pickup line
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Are you Shrek?

Because I get hard just thinking about you

Hey cutie, is your name suicide?
Because I think about you everyday!

I think I need to see an optician

Because my eyes can't focus on anything but you.

Are you coffee

Bc you’re the first thing I think about in the morning

Love is hard, so is writing,

but when I think of a world without you it becomes very unexciting.

Hey girl, are you a sock?

Cuz, i think we'd make a great pair

Hey cutie, I think you turned me into a Russian.

Because I'd do anything to get to that moon of yours.

Is your name Ariel?

Because I think we Mermaid for each other

thinking pickup line
Working Thinking tinder opener

Have you considered becoming communist?

Cause i think we should turn my room into OUR room. *play soviet Russia’s anthem for best effect*

The best Sunday I can think of?

You, me, Netflix and mimosas with no pants on.

Oh sorry, I meant bottomless mimosas.

Is there an airport nearby?

Because I think my heart just took off.

You divide me by zero,

...because you make me think irrationally.

Hey girl i think you're PETA

Coz i dont think you can handle this meat

I don't really smoke pot but

I think weed be cute together ;)

*sarcastic conversation about how much you hate your S/O* Yeah, I hate your guts

I think I’ll rearrange them

What is love ?

I don’t know, and I cant define it. But I think I can recognize it when I see it, and I’m looking at it now

Is your name suicide?

Bc I think about you every day

I think you are a horror movie

Because i can't sleep when i think about you.

Are you suicide

Because I think of doing you everyday.