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  1. Roses are red, quarantinelife is shitty

    The only thing that'll make me happy, is a picture of yout titty.

  2. Damn girl, are you a coal digger?

    Cause I want to make you mine.

  3. Roses are red i know your fourteen

    But just get in the van and don’t make a scene

  4. They forgot to put your name on the periodic table

    Cos you're one of the elements that make up my life.

  5. Can you tell that I like you or should I make it more obvious?

    Just worked

  6. Aye girl are u a banana

    Cuz u make me go OOH OOH AH AH



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  7. Damn girl are you an appendix because i dont understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me wanna take you out

    Smooth Criminal

  8. Call me spongebob

    Because I'll take you to the beach and make you sandy cheeks

  9. I can't buy you gucci or armani,

    But I can make your pussy a tsunami

  10. Are you a meme?

    Because you make me smile

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You are like the stars at night
Because you make everything seem alright

Are You A Holiday Meal?

Because you're making my pants tighter and tighter.

For the Brooklyn nine nine fans

Are you the Halloween heist? Because I’ll spend months plotting and planning the best way to make you mine.

Yo girl,you must be anabolic steroids?

Cause you are making me big!

Hey girl, you make me want to be a pirate

Because that booty will be my treasure.

Me: Happy Mother’s Day!

Crush: Thanks , but I’m not a mother ?

Me: Not yet but you will make a great mother to our children.

We're not socks. But I think....
We'd make a great pair.

Girl, do you run a hot dog cart?

Cause you really know how to make a wiener stand.

(Disclosure: I’m female but this still made me laugh)

I'm sad that i can't make it to the area 51 raid.

But you could help me clap some alien cheeks, because that ass is outta this world.

Are you Medusa

Cause you make me rock hard

Hey girl, r u a chicken?

Cause your Breasts I making my drumsticks so weak.

I don't know what I was going for here

Hey girl, are you dopamine?

Because you make my heart; beat faster!

Are you giving me a stroke?

Because you are only making my right hand want to move

I’m not religious

But you make a pretty good argument for believing in angels

You are my sunshine but

You're also my rainstorm because you make me hella wet

I just wanna make you Scream of pleasure.. and then sleep with you holding your hands while i Whisper that i love you...

Like i usually do With me sister..

Hey girl, are you a McDonalds?

Cuz I'm McLovin it

Also I just found out my bf is a lurker here and now everything makes sense

Hey girl are you an Alkaline Metal?

Because you make 70% of me highly reactive

Hey are you my appendix?

Cuz I’m not completely sure how you work but I have this weird feeling in my gut that makes me wanna take you out.

Roses are red, cacti are thorny

When I’m around you, you make me very… HAPPY. I guess what I’m trying to say is aloe you very much

Add olio to the end of their name because like polio, they make your knees week

I.e "my nickname for you is gonna be nicolio- because much like polio, you're making my knees week"

You divide me by zero,

...because you make me think irrationally.

A girl tried this one on me!

Are you rain?
Cuz you're making me wet!

Are you like Arthritis?

Because you make me go weak in my knees.

Girl I'd like to make you my universe

We can start with a big bang