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  1. Are your parents drug dealers?

    Cause I’m definitely addicted to what they made

  2. If God made anything more beautiful than you

    I'm sure he'd keep it for himself.

  3. Girl, do you run a hot dog cart?

    Cause you really know how to make a wiener stand.

    (Disclosure: I’m female but this still made me laugh)

  4. Hey, are you a rope?

    Cuz I wanna hang with you

    -Made by my friend

  5. Are you an exam because I want to put loads of time and effort into you, only to be told that I am a 3/10 on the sheets.

    Made this one myself, hope it is good

  6. Are you made of Gold, titanium, sulfur and carbon

    Because you are Au Ti S Ti C

  7. Are you made of eleven protons?

    Because you are sodium fine

  8. Come over here

    (she walks closer) I just made you come with my voice, guess what I can with my hands.

  9. Are you made of soil?

    Cause i wanna plant my seed in your hole

  10. Are you made of demon blood? Because baby I’m addicted to you.

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When evolution made you, it was just showing off.

Is your name Lionel? Because you made my pants Messi.

Girl, are your pants made by Karl Marx? Cuz their causing an uprising in my lower class.

Baby you’re so beautiful you made my 404 page.

God must of been angry at your parents when he made you.

Hey baby, are you made of obsidian because I'm as hard as a diamond right now?

No matter how much 3-pointer I've made, it means nothing if i can't score your heart.

I'm a T-Rex, and let's just say that the length I lack in my arms is made up for somewhere else ...

You have to be made of Skooma, cause I just got hooked on you.

My love for you is as deep as the cuts I made on my wrist.

Are your legs made of Nutella? Cause I would love to spread them!

You must be made of oceanic crust because I feel like you should be sub ducted beneath me.

Did you cast petrificus totalus on me? Because you've made me stiff.

Did it hurt when you fell from the sky or have I finally made it to Heaven. If that's the case I didn't feel a thing!

The suits made out of gold titanium alloy, the iron is referring to something else.

Are you made of beryllium, gold, and titanium? You must be because you are BeAuTi-ful.

Hey girl are you made up of arsenic and sulfur 'cause I want that AsS.

When I first laid eyes on you, you made my heart beat like a fancy dance song.

If we're made out of the smoke of the big bang, then I guess that makes you smokin hot.

Is your medulla inflamed? Because you made my heart skip a beat!

Are you made from two sticks and two diamonds?

Cuz you're hoe

As you know, I would love to teach you toys made my Elves for adults.

Did You Know precious, my penis is made of Valyrian steel.

Are you made of copper and tellurium? Cause you're CuTe.

I saw you from across the TARDIS and you made my... Snakedance.