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  1. Do you realize that we never stop tasting our tongues?

    Can i taste yours for a change?

  2. Hey Girl, are you climate change?

    Cause the more I try to ignore you, the hotter you get.

  3. Baby if I could change one thing about you,

    It would be your surname

  4. Are your pronouns she/her?

    You should change them to My/girl.

  5. If you don’t like me, I can change.

  6. My favorite singer is Mick Jagger. He can’t get no satisfaction, and neither can I. Want to help me change that?

  7. Hey I heard u like to fight climate change. So what if we shower togther to save water

  8. Is the climate changing? 'Cause it just got hot up in here.

  9. Ooo boy you look like you could change a diaper quickly...

  10. Cho Chang? More like Cha-Ching! Cause I just hit the jackpot.

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Be the change you want to see in the world, and you inspire the change I want to see in my erection.

Y'all might not be the purtiest gal here,

but we can change that with the flip of a light switch.

My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm, maybe we can change that?

Please excuse me while I change into something more ferocious.

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Girls are like solenoids, the flux only changes if you add some motion to your bar magnet.

Getting lucky usually means finding my car in the parking lot, but tonight you can change that.

Oh, you don't have any kids? Come over here and I can change that.

I'm not a father, but if you're willing, i'd like to change that!

There's a heatwave burning in my heart. And for once, it definitely ain't climate change.

There is a debate whether there are 8 planets or 9

The debate will soon change to 7 planets or 8 after I destroy Uranus

A night with me is so life-changing, you'll refer to it as the Revolutionary War.

I just want you to know that having kiss with me is like voting in Canada's 2019 elections,

Cause those 30 seconds are going to change your life

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Working Changed tinder opener

Winter's coming, does your ski-doo need an oil change?

Need an oil change?

Are you a staged change?

Because i‘m ready to commit.

If i became a pirate,

You would be my only treasure

You can prolly word it a lil better

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This sub has really changed (and not for the better).

Sick of staring at my ceiling this year

You want to be on top to change my view?

Roses are red, we’re seeing changes in the weather

Wanna commit war crimes together?

Hey you’re made fine

How about we change the f to an m so you’re made mine?

I have never been a mechanic...

But I wouldn't mind changing your fluids

I'm about to change into my red shirt because you're to die for.

“i think we have great chemistry.. wanna add some romance?”

“are you a skater boy? cause i wanna see ya later, boy”

“i’m in the business of misery. wanna join?”

“i heard you like blink-182. wanna make first date a reality?”

“have you heard the news that you’re dead? cause only angels look this beautiful.”

“if i bring you my bullets, will you give me your love?”

“if you take me home, i’d be your king for a day.”

“i wanna be your black veil bride.”

“do you have a girlfriend? if so, i think you need a new one.”

“you wanna join the black parade with me?”

“you look like the kind of person i’d write a song about.”

“this place is boring. wanna be my escape?”

“don’t mean to change the topic, but i think you’re kind of hot.”

“i heard good girls like bad guys. wanna test that theory out?”