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Top 50 Difference Pick Up lines

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  1. Well simply put there's no real difference between you and a Subaru.

    In the hands of the right person, you can be the loudest in the neighborhood after midnight.

  2. Are you my mom's belt?

    Cuz you hit DIFFERENT

  3. What’s the difference between you and an alarm clock?

    I’d enjoy waking up to you

  4. What’s the difference between a priest and acne?

    Acne normally comes on boys faces over the age of 12.

  5. I know how to tie 46 different knots, can we make it 47?

  6. Baby, we come from different countries, but tonight let's speak the 24 official languages of love.

  7. You and i are like c and b# we look different but were the same at heart.

  8. Girl, you are finer than the difference between a hex and curse.

  9. Let me know if you're in the mood to see fireworks of an entirely different kind.

  10. I may like music and headbanging but if you're around it's a different type of banging.

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What is a Difference pickup line?

Funny difference pickup lines

Let me show you how two digits can make a difference.

I give an entirely different meaning to the phrase ‘thunder clap’.

I not bragging but I came in 3 different ships.

Let me show you the difference between "lay" and "laid".

difference pickup line
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I'm a utility player girl that means I can play the game in different positions.

I know "Good Morning" in 5 different languages
Which do you want to hear tomorrow ?

Hey girl! I am from your caste but different gotra.

I can tell the difference between Merlot & Shiraz.

Quads. We can bang in four different tones.

You know the difference between a pretty girl like yourself and a pair of sunglasses?

Sunglasses sit a little higher on my face

What is the difference between an erection and a Lamborghini ? I do not have a Lamborghini now.

Even if it means risking my existence, I'll cross different world lines just to find you.

difference pickup line
Working Difference tinder opener

Not that this makes a difference, but I AM heir to the throne of Asgaard.

What’s the difference between you and Jeffrey Epstein?

I’ll never leave you hanging

Girl, are you a newspaper?

Coz there is a different issue with you every fucking day

What's the difference between a boner and a Lamborghini?

I don't have a Lamborghini right now

What's the difference between you and a Hotdog?

I don't wanna fuck a hotdog ;)

Do you know the difference between my dick and a chicken wing? No? Well, let's go on a picnic and find out!

Do you know the difference between my hectocotylus and a calamari ring? No??? Well, let's go on a picnic and find out!

I like my women like I like my whiskey

12 years old and mixed up with coke.

Just Jokes btw... maybe there’s a different sub for these kind of jokes that I’m not aware of though.

Do you know the difference between a hamburger and a blow job? No! Well in that case, do you wanna do lunch?

Hey baby! I’m a soccer player though. I can go 90 plus some extra time in eleven different positions.

Are you my best friend?

Because I really like you a lot and I don't know how to tell you and Everytime I try to flirt with you you just brush it off laugh and tell me I'm so stupid when all I wanna do is cradle you in my arms as we travel to different places and eventually settle down and build a family together cause I wanna show you off to my family and you keep talking to all these boys that mistreat you.