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  1. He : Babe please tell me are you good at algebra

    She : yes. Why ?
    He : You think you can replace my x without asking y

  2. I couldn't forget you, even if someone replaced my brain ...

    ... because you live in my heart.

  3. So you wanna help me with algebra? Help me to replace my x with u.

  4. Hey girl, I heard you are good at algebra, could you replace my x without asking y?

  5. Just gotta new hip replacement. How's about you and me take it for spin?

  6. They should just replace my bat signal with a picture of you. I'd get there even faster.

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I'm good at algebra.

I can replace your X and you wouldn't need to figure out Y.

I heard you're good at maths

Would you consider replacing my X, without asking Y?

Hey do you like algebraic functions? If so...

Can you replace my X without asking Y?

Hey are you good at algebra?

Cause I want you to replace my X without asking Y

replace pickup line
Smooth Replace pickup line

Are you good with algebra?

Because I was hoping you could replace my x without asking y.

I've heard you're good at algebra
Could you replace my X without asking Y?

I’m an emotionless b**... who served as a replacement for an emo b**....

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I will take your heart - to replace the one you took from me!

Hey, I heard you were good at algebra......

So can you replace my X without asking Y?

Hey I need your help...
Are you good at algebra? Cause I factored out my x and want to replace it with u

Have you researched Replaceable Parts? 'Cause YOUR whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Are you ears? Because you are totally ear-replaceable.

Hey are you good at algebra?

I was hoping you coud replace my x with y

replace pickup line
Working Replace tinder opener

Hey, do you still sleep with a teddybear?

If yes, than can i replace him?

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Yeah you’re fine…

But you can replace the ‘F’ with ‘M’

I have a doubt. Are you from Amazon?

Coz they have replacements but there's none for you️

As soon as I get my hip replacement, I'm going to h**... you.

Dang, girl, are you my Spotify playlist?

‘Cuz I wanna listen to you all day long.

(could be replaced with anything you like to listen to)

Are u good at math?
If so can you replace my x without asking y.

You so fine

I had to replace the f with a m

My catalytic converter is going bad. Can you replace it with a test pipe and a new oxygen sensor?

Are you good at algebra? Because....

I know that you can replace my 'X' without asking me 'Y'

Dude why did you just take my lungs? w**...

I guess you could say that you took my breath away... but when I went to the operating room to have them replaced, they did surgery on my heart too. Wonder why? I think you stole that too.

Hey, are you priceless?

Cuz nothing can ever replace you

Can you help me with my algebra?

I need you to replace my X but don’t ask Y

Hey marshmallow, I lost my cuddle pillow...

Join me in bed and replace it, you'll get mike ock to swallo

- Day 14

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Kinkey but replace the 'kin' with 'mon'

Sir Donald Munger: "Tell me, Commander, how far does your expertise extend into the field of diamonds?"
James Bond: "Well, hardest substance found in nature, they cut glass, suggest marriages, I suppose it replaced the dog as the girl's best friend. That's about it."

I hear you're good at algebra. Can you replace my x without asking y?

Klingons killed the last captain of my heart, and I am looking for a suitable replacement.

My cataclytic converter is going bad. Can you replace it with a test pipe and a new oxygen sensor?

I hope you like it rough because I don't replace my divots.

Did someone replace the Splenda with cement? Cuz I just got really hard.

Hi, I hear you're good at algebra.....Will you replace my eX without asking Y?

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