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Top 50 Boy Bands Pick Up lines

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  1. Didn't know where I was going 'Til that day I found you. (98 Degree)

  2. I literally can't live without you.

  3. Justin Timberlake: hey yo, are you from my home state of Tennessee cuz you the only "Ten" I "See"

  4. Rich Cronin: Hi, my name is rich. I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch.[well that one was obvious heheeh]

  5. Lemme round out your arrangement

  6. A.J. McLean: baby, my cigarette won't light up, can you use your looks to give it fire?

  7. Aaron Carter: hey, If my brother nick lets me maybe we can go out. My tits are bigger than your so I can breast feed if we have children

  8. All of my tips are frosted. All.

  9. Attach all the strings you want, baby (N'Sync)

  10. Do you like Backstreet Boys. Good, because my penis is larger than life.

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Don't fight it, girl. It's gonna be May

Drew Lachey: baby, I'm only 98 degrees. I need you to give me .6 degrees of love to get me to the right temperature (98 Degree)

Girl, your pants are about to go bye bye bye (N'Sync)

Hey girl, it's now or never (One Direction – Live While We Are Young)

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Howie Dorough: ever hear the story about how the ugly toad became a prince once he was kissed?

I count the blessings that keep our love new. There's one for me And a million for you.

I don't care who you are, Where you're from, What you did, As long as you love me (Backstreet Boys)

i got an idea would you be my girlfriend i'll treat you good (N'Sync)

I got my Library card out and I'm checkin you out (One Direction)

I have an "owie" on my lip. Will you

I know we only met but let's pretend it's love (One Direction – Live While We Are Young)

I litterally can't live without you.

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I still love you in the year 3000 (Jonas Brothers)

I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me (One Direction – Rock Me)

I'll burn your rug

I'm afraid you'll run away if I tell you what I wanted to tell you (One Direction – Last First Kiss)

I've got the right stuff... in my pants

If I'm not the one you want then maybe I'll be the one you need (N'Sync)

If you want to hold onto anything, hold on to me!

Im burnin up for you

In my world, before you
I lived outside my emotions
Didn't know where I was going 'Til that day I found you. (98 Degree)

Is 98 degrees hot enough for ya?

It's tearing up my heart..not banging you (N'Sync)