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  1. Are you a build-a-bear?

    Cause I wanna stuff you myself

  2. In a room full of basic brown bears, you are my panda.

  3. I’ll fight a bear for you sweetie!

  4. Is that a polar bear in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  5. Hey Baby did you know they call me Yogi Bear? Because i'm always chasing after the Honey!

  6. How much does a polar bear weigh?...(wait for it)...Enough to break the ice

  7. If I bear my heart and soul, can I sneak a peek at your honey pot?

  8. A little elaborate, but bear with me.

    So this has to be done at a bar that uses ice cubes in their drinks.

    Take up a seat next to the prettiest girl there. She'll probably be wondering why you sat so close with so many empty seats. This is good---pique her interest, get her thinking about you.

    You order a gin soda or any other hiball (preferably something with no sugary soda). Sit there and drink quietly while you glance up at her every once in a while with maybe a smile or two. Again, keep her thinking "who is this guy and what does he want?" This is critical.

    Do this maybe four or five times and when she finally turns to you to ask "can I help you?" you take a piece of ice out of your glass, place it on the bar, look her dead in the eye and smash it with your cup. Then you say, in your most James Dean with Wolverine claws voice: "Now that I've broken the ice, can I buy you a drink?"

    Boom. Panties, meet floor.

  9. I'mma climb you like a koala bear.

  10. I hope you're a bear, cause I'm going to go down on you.

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How much does a polar bear weigh?
"Ummm... Enough to break the ice?"

"What? No like 900 pounds."

Do you work at build a bear

Cause I want to stuff you

Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?

Enough to break the ice. Hi, I'm:

Are you a teddy bear?

Because you're hella cute and I want to snuggle with you.

How much does a polar bear weigh?

Enough to break the ice, hi my name's (input your name)

Hey baby, are you a load-bearing wall?

Because you’re all the support I need

Hey girl are you a teddy bear?
Cause I wanna cuddle all day long

Are you Marmalade?

Cause I want to spread you out and eat you until you can’t Paddington Bear it anymore?

Matched with a girl with six huge teddy bears in one of her tinder pictures and im trying to come up with funny opener

Any ideas?

If you were an option in "fuck, marry, kill"...

I'd have to choose to kill myself, because I can't bear not to fuck *and* marry you.

Hey girl. How much does a polar bear weigh?

Because I want to steal one from the zoo. Get in my van. Shits about to get crazy.

Ten ton polar bear

If that doesn't break the ice what will

Hey are you a polar bear?

Because you are fat as fuck

Get I lost my teddy bear

Can I sleep with you tonight instead?

I lost my teddy bear

Can I sleep with you

So it turns out I’m part teddy bear. I just got tested

Everybody likes teddy bears :)

Feeling wild?

I can turn into a bear.

I lost my teddy bear...

...Can I sleep with you tonight??

Are you my teddy bear?

'Cause I wanna cuddle with you all night

Does a bear crap in the woods? No, but I'm willing to screw in them.

You have great child bearing hips.

I heard you like teddy bears. You can give me a cuddle

Baby you be the tree, and I'll wrap around you like a koala bear

You bear a striking resemblance to Liz Lemon.

Wanna cuddle? I'll be your teddy bear.