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Top 50 Teeth Pick Up lines

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  1. What has 169 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk?

    My Zipper

  2. I just brushed my teeth, ladies.

  3. Let's get crazy and leave our teeth in tonight.

  4. Baby, your teeth are as white as my rice.

  5. Your teeth look great, but they'd look even better in a jar next to my bed.

  6. Hey, fewer teeth just means more room for tongue.

  7. By me a drink and I'll take out my teeth for a good time.

  8. Are those your teeth or are you just happy to see me?

  9. Don't worry I won't bite... No teeth!

  10. I am going to rip your throat out. With my teeth.

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Funny teeth pickup lines

I think you dropped your teeth.

Hey, I just got my new teeth. Want to join me for dinner so I can test them out?

You remind me of my false teeth, cos I'd love to take you out for the night.

Your teeth are pretty. You look like you floss regularly.

I'll hold your teeth if you would hold my cane!

The only thing straight about me is my teeth.

You are so sweet, it made your teeth rot.

Are both of those teeth real?

You sure have white teeth, you must brush em!

What's got 32 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk?

My zipper.

I would sink my teeth into that booty, but they might just stay there.

I borrowed daddy’s teeth just for you.

Hey baby, these teeth are real.

My teeth aren't the only things that's wooden for you.

My teeth and I no longer sleep together, but you and I definitely should.

Sharpen your teeth and bite as hard as you want...

What had 36 teeth and holds back the incredible Hulk?

My zipper.

Do you want the lights off or the teeth out?

My teeth ache

Can you massage them with your tongue?

What has 148 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk

My zipper ;)

Hey girl you must have a pretty great dentist because...

...your teeth are straighter and whiter than the Republican party.

How about you try out your new teeth on my meat.

Girl when you smile I see rainbows :)

Brush yo muhfuckin teeth once ina while damn. Ol halitosis smellin ass.

(Heard this at the job, thought it was sweet)

Hey girl, you know whats wrong with your underwear...

It's not between my teeth

Do you use that new charcoal teeth whitener?

Because those are the whitest teeth I'll ever come across.