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  1. Are you a pair of glasses?

    Cuz you don’t appear to be one of my contacts....

  2. Hey, are you my glasses?

    Cause you might not be with me 24/7
    but when you are,
    I can see this world in a better and beautiful way.

  3. Best ever, tested and works

    (when you have a drink in your hand and you are speaking to a woman) *An audible shrug* " i should really stop drinking now. Could you please take away my glass before I try to kiss you?"

  4. Are you a glass ketchup bottle?

    Because I’m gonna bang you for a while at the kitchen table.

  5. This coffee is steaming up my glasses… Or is that you?

  6. May I offer you a glass of EU defined representative wine product?

  7. You look like a refreshing glass of water and I ’m the thirstiest guy in the world!

  8. Girl are you my glasses?

    Because I can't see my future without you

  9. Girl, I would buy you a drink but I'd be jealous of the glass.

  10. If I were a glass of water, would you drink me, so I would be inside of you?

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Did you break the glass ceiling for women when you fell from heaven?

My fogged up glasses can't hide that you're smokin'

I miss you so hard, titanium would break like glass.

You know, without my glasses on, I’ve been told I look an awful lot like Superman.

You are the vodka to my shot glass.

Baby, you put the 'hot ass' in my shot glass.

How about we skip the glass slipper and I just call you my Cinderella?

Girl you like Kool-Aid in a wine glass with cha fine ass!

Your smile looks nice, but it would look better in a glass on my nightstand.

Hey, let's get trapped in a Japanese Glass Sponge together someday!

I like my women like I like my glasses: Thick and black.

I'd crawl over a thousand miles of broken glass just to suck the dick of the last guy you slept with.

A little elaborate, but bear with me.

So this has to be done at a bar that uses ice cubes in their drinks.

Take up a seat next to the prettiest girl there. She'll probably be wondering why you sat so close with so many empty seats. This is good---pique her interest, get her thinking about you.

You order a gin soda or any other hiball (preferably something with no sugary soda). Sit there and drink quietly while you glance up at her every once in a while with maybe a smile or two. Again, keep her thinking "who is this guy and what does he want?" This is critical.

Do this maybe four or five times and when she finally turns to you to ask "can I help you?" you take a piece of ice out of your glass, place it on the bar, look her dead in the eye and smash it with your cup. Then you say, in your most James Dean with Wolverine claws voice: "Now that I've broken the ice, can I buy you a drink?"

Boom. Panties, meet floor.

Are you a hot glass of chicken noodle soup? Because I'd love to drink you up!

I'm having a problem...

I'm having a problem... If I take my glasses off I look better - but if I keep them on you look better.

I don't know if this counts but it's pretty effective on girls, I've tried it

Are you a glass of water?

Because I wanna press my lips against you

Hey girl, I didn't know I needed a pair of glasses till I met you

Because with you around, I can see the world more beautifully.

Sweet tea or sweetie?

Are you a glass of sweet tea cuz you look like a sweetie.

Are you a glass of water ?

Because i wanna stick my straw in you

Can I grab my glasses

Damn girl, let me grab my glasses real quick. I'm tryna see that ass in 20/20

Are you a glass of wine,

Cause I want to taste you.

Your glasses look sweet’

What’s your number?

Thos one only works for me cause I have a glass eye

I might only have one eye, but the one I've got's on you!

Girl, I think I’m glass

Because you see right through me

If your ass was made of glass

I'd smash