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Top 50 Bottle Pick Up lines

Have you ever been at a club or a party and see a cute guy or girl with a bottle? Use these bottle themed pick up lines involving different bottles and drinks. These pick up lines involving bottles are perfect to use for parties and clubs. These pick up lines with bottles are cheesy and funny. Flirt with your loved one or meet new people tonight!

  1. Are you my ketchup bottle because I want you to squirt on my meat

  2. Hey girl are you a ketchup bottle?

    Because i wanna flip you over and spank you from behind until you squirt

    edit: this isn't original btw, so no credit goes to me

  3. Are you a glass ketchup bottle?

    Because I’m gonna kiss you for a while at the kitchen table.

  4. Are you a bottle of Tabasco sauce?

    Cause I’d like to lose your top.

  5. Hey, i've got a big vodka bottle.

  6. I’ve got a bottle of red, a bottle of white

    want to have a love scene in an Italian restaurant?

bottle pickup line
What is a Bottle pickup line?

Working short bottle pickup lines to impress a girl

Girl are you a bottle of sriracha sauce? Because you're some hot stuff.

Are you a water bottle?

'Cause you're aquaFINEa

Hey sweetie, are you a bottle..

..coz i wanna fill your life with my love.

You might just be a blue bottle, but when I look at you I see butterfly.

bottle pickup line
This is a funny Bottle pickup line!

You me, a bottle of wine and you ex’s email?

Your love is like a bottle of skooma, illegal and addictive.

Are you a bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce?

Cause I’d like to lose your top.

bottle Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Are you a bottle of jenkem?

Because I like jenkem ;)

Ayo wanna 1v1 me in spin the bottle? ;)

How bout a bottle of rum? Drink up cause we're about to get swashbuckled.

Are you a ketchup bottle?

Because I want to smack your bottom and make you squirt

I got a bottle of Tequila, ready to party? (Good as h**...)

Are you a fine bottle of merlot?

Cuz I want to watch you get old in my basement

bottle pickup line
Working Bottle tinder opener

I got a bottle of Tequila, ready to party?

bottle Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

Is that a maple syrup bottle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Did you know I am like a ketchup bottle?

You can flip me over , hit it from the back and make me squirt

Are you a plastic water bottle? Cause I’m not going to use you!!

That bottle of whiskey is 40% ABV. Do you really need any more proof to come home with me tonight?

When you're done with that beer shall we play spin the bottle?

Genie of the bottle

So I was on a walk this morning and I came across this really weird looking old bottle. I opened it and this genie flew out. He told me I have one and only one wish. I didn’t wanna waste it so I asked for a priceless treasure. He smiled and gave me your number.

My signature pick-up line...

“Are you a empty bottle?, Cuz I wanna fill you.”

Are you a spray bottle

Because I could make you squirt with 1 finger

R u a bottle of bleach?

Cause I wanna drink ur juices

Are you a ketchup bottle?

Cuz I wanna tap you from the back and make noises come out of you

Girl you resemble Christina Aguilera

And I got a genie in a bottle if you rub me the right way!!!

Make a wish!!

Are u a bottle?

Cause I wanna fill u ;)

bottle Pickup Lines to Make Her Blush

I need one related to bottled water please

Water bottles and or their brands

Is that a bottle of Purell hand sanitizer in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Hey girl, are you a water bottle?

Cause you're aqua*FINE*a

Girl, are you a water bottle?

'Cause you're Aqua*FINE*a

Girl, ya look like a bottle of maple syrup... THICK!

Hey cutie, are you a bottle of water?
Cause you taste like water.

Hey you shouldn’t litter

You can put your plastic bottle in my recycling bin any time

Are you a ketchup bottle?

'cause i wanna kiss you till something comes out.

Excuse me, but I just ordered a bottle of wine, and it turns out my friend can't make it after all. I'd hate for it to go to waste. Would you care to join me?

I make a great steak dinner and have the perfect bottle set aside for just this occasion.

I promise, I'll last longer than a bottle of the finest Bordeaux.

I was sent a bunch of bottles of ultra-expensive California Cabernets to review and I could sure use another palate! Want to come back to my place and help?

I've a bottle of Domaine Romanée Conti with your name all over it.

If I was going to name a bottle of wine, I'd name it after you.

Like a fine bottle of wine, I'd like nothing more than to lay you sideways.

Would you like to help me bottle wine next weekend? I'll let you do the corking.

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