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  1. Hey babe, wanna check out my life jacket tan?

  2. I think your jacket is FIE homologated... if you know what I mean.

  3. You look cold. Wanna wear my Pendleton jacket?

  4. Baby I see our relationship being like a good denim jacket: timeless.

  5. I like the way your self-bleached hair sits on your camouflage jacket.

  6. Girl u need a jacket?

    Dayum girl, would give you my jacket but your already hot

  7. Your body is so crazy

    You need a straight jacket

  8. Proven Formula for Picking Up Chicks

    I have created the perfect formula for helping my guy friends pick up chicks in bars.

    Men, all you need is one female friend or buddy’s girlfriend (let’s call her Hannah) to help and the hot chick you want to meet needs to be at the bar.

    Step 1: Hannah goes up to bar next to the hot chick you want to pick up.
    Step 2: Hannah compliments the hot chick on literally anything (“omg I love your hair color who is your stylist?” “wow that jacket is awesome, where can I find one” etc.). We all love talking to chicks who say nice things about us.
    Step 3: While Hannah is chatting up hot girl on her right, you are buying three shots on her left.
    Step 4: You offer a shot to Hannah while she is still chatting up hot chick.
    Step 5: Hannah (loudly) claims she can’t find her boyfriend who the third shot was purchased for. Since Hannah and hot chick are now BFFs, she turns to hot chick and says the following “My friend Jake here bought my boyfriend and I a shot but we can’t find him anywhere, do you want to take it with us?” Introduce yourself. Offer hot girl the shot. Emphasize that Hannah’s boyfriend disappeared, etc.
    Step 6: Hot girl ALWAYS says yes because hot girls at bars love free shots.
    Step 7: Hannah takes a shot. Tells Lexi (all hot girls are named Lexi) it was nice to meet her, and dips out. You are left chatting up Lexi, buy her a drink, drunkenly make out with her in a corner after 2 hours, etc.p

    Why does this work? 1. When Hannah compliments Lexi (aka hot chick), Lexi automatically likes Hannah and sees that she’s totally normal and super nice. 2. By you being friends with Hannah, it makes you seem like a regular cool guy and you must be great if you have such cool female friends. 3. Because you’re buying shots, you also seem like a pretty cool dude. Everyone loves the guy who buys people shots. 4. And most importantly, because Hannah lies about her boyfriend being in the bathroom or wherever, hot chick knows you two aren’t hooking and that Hannah is not a threat.

    Hannah wins because she gets a free shot.
    Lexi wins because she gets a free shot and gets to meet a cool person like yourself.
    You win because awesome hot chicks like us let you buy us shots.

    Go forth and conquer, my friends.

  9. My jacket has angel wings on the back. I've been sent down from heaven to protect you.

  10. You look cold. Want to use me as a fur jacket?

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Full Metal Jacket is necessary for deeper penetration.

Are you cold? Would you like a jacket? Because you can jack it when we get back to my place

Well, it looks like I'm going to have to jacket off this winter.

I use Full Metal Jacket for deeper penetration.

The back of your jacket says "CAN", now my question is "Would you please?" (Work on Canadian fencers)