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Top 24 Vision Pick Up lines

Are you stuck at a place with no girls and no one to talk to? Is your loved one interested in a show about Visions like in the show “The 100”? Use these pick up lines to flirt and impress them with these vision related pick up phrases. Add love and spice to your love life with these vision pick up lines.

  1. I was in the sweat lodge, and all of my visions were of you...

  2. My heat vision must be malfunctioning because you’re smokin’.

  3. I gave him my vision of heat? Because you are burning.

  4. Can I borrow your glasses? Because I want to share my life's vision with you.

  5. Are you life's meaning? Because I have visions about meeting you one day.

  6. Because of [insert a Republican political figure] leadership, we are strong; because of his vision, we will be even stronger; and because I can't stop thinking about your ass, I haven't been able to stand up for the last half hour.

vision pickup line
What is a Vision pickup line?

Working short vision pickup lines to impress a girl

Do you have X-ray vision?

I'd say I just wanna be friends but I know you'd see right through me.

Are you a night vision potion?

Because you not only brighten my day you light up my night

The year might be 2020

But i don’t need 2020 vision to see how cute you are

You're so hot, the only red I see with promethean vision is you.

vision pickup line
This is a funny Vision pickup line!

Are you one of marvels highest grossing tv shows of all time

Because i Wanda vision you in my bed tonight

You’d make a great optometrist.
Because you’re a 20/20 vision.


I may not have 20/20 vision but I can see you together with me next year

vision Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

I lost 90% of my vision ):

Now all I see is me and you together (:

Do you have heat vision, too? Because you can melt my heart with just a look.

Call me Satoshi, cuz you’re my true vision.

My X-ray vision tells me that you've been working out.

Did I hit you with my heat vision? Because you are on fire.

I just got a vision of my future and you're in it.

vision pickup line
Working Vision tinder opener

I came here wanting to see great art, but I never thought I'd see such a vision of loveliness.

vision Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

You won't believe this but St. George just appeared to me in a vision and told me that I must bed you...the fate of England depends is on it!

Did it hurt–when I looked in your eyes and forgot I had laser vision and seared your corneas?

Using smooth Vision phrases can work magic when trying to make a good impression. Try using funny and charming Vision conversation starters, chat starters, and comebacks for sticky moments.

Choose only well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Vision phrases are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life. It is often awkward using smooth Vision lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.