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  1. Do you have a camera? No?

    That's okay, I can still picture us together

  2. Are you a camera?

    Because every time I see you, I smile.

  3. Hey babe, are you camera with broken lens?

    'cause damn, I can’t focus.

  4. Are you a camera?

    Because I smile evertime I see you.

  5. Are you a camera?

    Because every time I look at you, I smile.

  6. Are you a camera?

    Because we can take this to my place and see what develops

  7. Are you a camera cause every time I look at you I smile.

  8. Hi, I can't seem to find my Girlfriend around have you seen?

    This is what she looks like... \*Hand her your phone with the selfie camera open\*

  9. If you were an animatronic,

    I'd watch you on the cameras all night.

  10. Hey girl, are you a camera?

    Coz I'm a tripod

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Not to make it obvious that I like you or anything
But I'm really jealous of the FBI man that gets to watch you through your camera

Are you a camera?

Because every time I look at you I want to smile.

Hey are you a camera?

Cause I smile everytime I look at you :D

Sorry for staring, I thought your face was a work of art. May I capture it with my camera?

Don't listen to the lies, I wear they all lies. You know I could be your knight in shining armor all tires. (Camera)

Man we steppin' out like whoaaa, cameras point and shoot. Ask me what's my best side? I step back and point at you. (As Long As You Love Me)

How is it like to get paid smoldering at the camera while wearing expensive clothes?

I think something's wrong with my targetted camera, cause I can't take my eyes of you

Call me Harley Kim because I'm gonna get this all on camera.