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Top 50 Photographer Pick Up lines

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  1. I'm no professional photographer...

    But I can picture you and me together.

  2. Can I swipe right on a photograph of your reliquary?

  3. I might be a retired photographer, but I can still picture us together.

  4. I am not a photographer,

    But I can take you back to my place and see what develops.

  5. Line: I'm a photographer. I've been looking for a face like yours!
    Comeback: I'm a plastic surgeon. I've been looking for a face like yours!!!

  6. For asking nudes(copy and paste it)

    There is a certain amount of respect I would love to obtain from you. But this aspect of understanding and knowledge of each other, I would love to get to know you better in all ways in order to respect you more fully, ways i can obtain this respect comes with the knowledge of knowing you better physically, mentally, spiritually and in all other aspects. Knowledge of each other physically can be accomplished in several ways, perhaps a tactic of understanding can be done in photography of our physical bodies. Perhaps we could exchange detailed photographs of us physically in order to understand each other better in turn to set the stage for an even deeper, solid, and respectful relationship

  7. Hey are you a photographer?

    Because I want pictures of SPIDER MAN!!!

  8. Are you a photographer?

    Because you don’t have to flash me to make me smile. :)

  9. Are you a photographer?

    I'll like to take a picture with my future girlfriend.

  10. Baby I want to have you liquefy my tool!

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Funny photographer pickup lines

Baby, lets hide some layers and then play with my brush tool

Baby, you must be a printer’s proof, because everyone else here is just a copy of you.

Bartender, a Distilled Postscript here for my new friend.

Before you came along, I was just Lipsum. With you, I’d be real content.

Before you were mine, everything was grayscale, but now I see the world in CMYK.

Can I select your area with my magic wand?

Come back to my place and I’ll show you a really naughty way to fill up some negative space.

Do you want to touch my Bézier curves?

Dreamweaver... I believe you can get me through the ni-ight.

First I think I'll stroke your curve, then I'd like to fill you.

Futura generations will speak of our romance.

Got more cheese? Share it!

Has anybody ever told you that your teeth have perfect kerning?

How many levels of progressive disclosure is that dress?

I couldn’t help but notice your eye path went right to my smudge stick.

I dig your look and feel.

I hate Comic Sans too... wanna dance?

I just want to get the Helvetica out of here and run away with you.

I know just how you fill.

I like my fonts sans-serif, and you sans-pants.

I like to be touched...and re-touched

I want to live life with you to the fullest resolution (300 dpi).

I wish I had an Eyedropper to capture the color of your eyes.

I would love it if you Felt my Marker.

I wouldn't hit Ctrl+Z after a night with you.