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29 Lamp Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you the Pixar lamp?

    Because you just caught my eye (I)

  2. Are you a Himalayan pink salt lamp?

    ... because I really want to lick you up and down ;)

  3. Would you rub my magic lamp...

    While I explore your cave of wonders?

  4. Are you a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

    Cause I wanna lick you all over

  5. Are you a lamp

    because id like to turn you on in the dark

  6. Rub my magic lamp and I'll bring light into your world.

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Rub my magic lamp and I'll make all your wishes come true.

Her eyes are bright as halogen lamps, energy-saving light of my life?

Would you rub my magical lamp, because I am about to explode some light into you.

You can be the lamp and I can be the I

In my Pixar movie

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Smooth Lamp pickup line

Hey baby are we in Pixar

Because I’m feeling like a lamp and your looking like a fine I

Hey are you a lamp
Because I am a moth

For Halloween, we should dress up together

You can be the Pixar lamp, and I’ll be the i

Cheesy lamp Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

I have an idea.

I will be an "i", you will be a hopping desk lamp, and we're gonna make this night unforgettable for about a week.

Hey I am a gennie. I know a place.

The Light doesn't come under my lamp.

Hey girl, are you Alladin?
Because I want you to rub my lamp

Are you a lever?

Are you a lever? Because im a lamp, and you are turning me on.

Aladdin related

My only greedy wish on the magic lamp would be getting to hold your hand all night long

Are you a lamp?

Because I want to hide some of me inside of you

lamp pickup line
Working Lamp tinder opener

Wanna be the Pixar Lamp to my “I”? 🥺


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Are you a heat lamp?

Cause you make my turtle come out of it’s shell.

Are you a lamp in a dark room

Because I want to turn you on

Are you Aladdin?

Because I want you to rub my magic lamp until I come through it.

Here is a magic lamp for your birthday.

Wanna rub my lamp?

Hey Aladdin, is that a lamp in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Forget the seven lamps, let's burn the midnight oil?

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