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50 Ring Pick Up lines

Are you trying to pick up girls or guys who are wearing a wedding ring? Use these funny and cheesy ring pick up lines to help you. These pick up lines involving rings are perfect for the occasions like weddings, a girl wearing a ring, or just asking a girl if she’s married.

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  1. Imma treat you like gollum treats the ring...

    Worship you quietly and finger you all day

  2. Are you Saturn ?

    Cause I’ll admire seeing you with that ring ( giving her my ring )

  3. You remind me of Saturn but you are missing something

    A ring…Will you marry me?

  4. How’d you like to make a ring seal?

  5. I’d love to explore your two towers.

  6. I got you a recycled engagement ring to save our planet"s finite resources.

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My love for you is deeper than the lodes of Mithril in Khazad-dum.

Honey, you’re like a Balrog… smoking hot.

I'm not usually this forward, but, you've broken down my barriers like Grond.

I'll show you my precious if you show me yours.

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Smooth Ring pickup line

I have a Ring of Protection on me, care to try it?

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus

Then, you must be from Saturn because all I want is to put a ring on you

Was that a Middle-Earthquake? or did you just rock my world?

Cheesy ring Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

I'd love to visit your hobbit-hole.

Your rejection would destroy me like an Ent destroys Isengard.

You must be Frodo... Because I’m the one for you, and you’ve got me wrapped around your finger.

The fires of Mount Doom aren’t as hawt as you are.

Mount Doom isn't nearly as hot as you are.

You were the principal thing to ring a bell as I woke up this morning.

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Working Ring tinder opener

Babe, I can make you scream like a Nazgûl.

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I'll be your Isildur and you can be my bane.

You don't need One Ring to find me.

In my robe is where the magic happens!

Did you just ring the doorbell?

Because you can come inside if you want too

Do you want to see my Hobbit hole?

Are you Dio 'cause you can ring my bell anytime.

I want to become an Astronaut…

…So I can see the rings around Uranus

Pardon me, but are you elvish? You've been running through my mind without pause!

You remind me of a Balrog… Smokin’ hot!

Speak, friend, and enter... your number in my phone.

Was your *** forged by Sauron? That s**...t looks precious.

If loving you is El-Rond, I don't wanna be El-Right!

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You've got beautiful eyes, they sparkle like the Mirrormere.

Were you forged by Sauron? ‘Cause, baby, you’re precious!

I'd like to inject some electrons into your storage ring, baby.

I'm sorry did you say you drove the ski-doo, what's your ring size?

Are you a diamond ?

Because i wanna make you a ring.

You shall not pass without giving me those digits.

Girl you are five rings of fine. That's more than opening ceremony got!

No, we haven't met, unless you count in the Mirror of Galadriel.

Do you know the difference between my hectocotylus and a calamari ring? No??? Well, let's go on a picnic and find out!

You can consume my Lands Between Rune tonight.

Do you know sorcery? Because I am in love with your incantations.

I'll have to ignore the ring in my ears like I'm ignoring the ring on your finger.

I don't want to give you rings for your ears, I want to give you the ring for your finger.

My favorite weapon in Elden Ring? Thrusting weapons.

Are you the ground? Because I may not survive the fall into you.

You can mount me any time and I will take you places.

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Ring love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty Ring chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.