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Top 50 Spell Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Spell pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. Damn, this COVID-19 stuff sure does suck...

    But you can't spell quarantine without u, r, a, q, t

  2. This will work everytime

    You can’t spell suicide without u and i

  3. Hey, so how do you spell your name?

    Oh, cool, so how do you spell your number?

  4. Hello I'm also gonna make you have sleepless nights an put you under my spell

  5. I spelled out your name with the pepperonis.

  6. I am called Xaro Xhoan Daxos dear. Spell it and I’m yours!

  7. You can’t spell menu

    Without me n u. so wsup, you hungry?

  8. A spell isn't the only thing i wanna put on you.

  9. Do you know the Petrificus Totalus spell? Because you make me stiff.

  10. Do you wanna got to a restaurant?

    You can't spell menu without me and you

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You're making me feel like I got hit with a Firebolt spell.

Damn girl did it hurt when you f-... Wait, are you from tennessee because you're the only 10 I s-... Uhh.. you can't spell quarantine withou-... Ah shit just take your pants off already

Doctors are recommending you stay inside.

Lucky for us, you can't spell quarantine without U and I.

You can't spell menu

You can't spell menu without me n u so wassap baby

spell pickup line
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2 For 1: Hey girl do you have a broom...

... because I am looking to sweep you off your feet.


... because you seem to have cast a spell on me.

I’ll Wipe Away your Shadow of Doubts about me. You cant have a Counter-spell for that.

You: spell me. Her: me. You: you forgot the d. Her: theres no d in me. You: not yet.

Girl, are you sure your name isn't decliner? Cause you put a spell on me.

Girl give me a chance and I will show you a world of our own where spell of love began and our hearts become one

You can’t spell menu without

(Me n U) so what’s up baby girl, you hungry?

DNA spelled backwards is AND, as in... me AND you.

You can't spell menu without

Me n u so let's get some food together

spell pickup line
Working Spell tinder opener

Are you Tremere? Because you've got me under your spell.

Do you like food?

Then we should go out to dinner because you can’t spell menu with me n u

Hey girl, are you uno spelled backwards...

Because I want to be on u.

This dinner date won't be complete without a menu

Cos baby, you cant spell menu without ME n U

I always spell "favourite" with a "U"

Because u are my favourite

U cant spell 36-inch ultramegalong dildo in silicone with velcrow grip at bottom, without u and i

Spell me: her me: you for got the d her: there’s no d in me: me not yet

I wanted to get something to eat

But it turns out there’s no menu without Me n u

(I saw this on insta today as just “can’t spell menu without me n u so wussup” but i wanted to try put a lik twist on it,

You can't spell menu

Without Me n u

So wassaaaaaaaaaa

Are you a wizard

Because I'd let you cast a spell with my wand any day ;)

- Spell me.

\- M-e

\- You forgot the d.

\- There is no d in me.

\-Soon there will be.