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Top 22 Crystal Pick Up lines

Do you love seeing crystal or gem stones? Use these crystal pick up lines related to different colored crystals, diamond, topaz, quartz, and more. Flirt and impress with these pick up lines about crystal. Add love and spark to your romantic life.

  1. If your love is Crystal Lake then I'm Jason Voorhees. Cause I drowning in it.

  2. No, I'm actually a wizard. Want to see my crystal balls?

  3. Babe, how much crystal do I need to spend on you to summon you intro my world?

  4. Girl, would you prefer crystals or credit card? Because I got both.

  5. You must be a nat 5, because I would spend thousands of crystals for you.

  6. Girl, your smile shines brighter than a kyber crystal on Illum.

  7. I bet it was hard for God to make your eyes out of crystal clear ocean water.

  8. Is that a crystal in your pocket or are ya just glad to see me?

  9. Are you a crystal ball?

    Cuz I can't see my future without you

  10. Pickup line for a girl named crystal?

    Need a good pickup line for the girl that's named crystal. Something clever that will make her laugh.

crystal pickup line
What is a Crystal pickup line?

Funny crystal pickup lines

My life is empty, you are the life crystal and life fruit that completes me.

Is your name crystal?

Because you look like you do meth

You're a crystal ball babe

I can see the future written in your eyes.

Are you an End Crystal?

Are you an End Crystal? Because I'd like you to dance on the tip of my tower.

crystal pickup line
This is a funny Crystal pickup line!

Any lines for Crystal?

No crystal ball ones please lolol XD

Baby, the only thing clearer than this batch of crystal is the rock I'll put on your finger.

Girl your eyes are bluer than Heisenbergs Crystal

Crystal Meth ain't got nothing on you, baby!

Baby, are you an aquamarine crystal ball? Because I can see myself in you.

Two things turn Shannon Beador on: Crystals and talking in the third person. Is that weird?

The unblown rose, the crystal nor the