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Top 45 Gemstone Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Gemstone pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Gemstone conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Are you an Amber? Because I want to be inside you like the mosquito in Jurassic Park.

  2. Are you an amethyst? Because I need you to control my evil thoughts.

  3. Hey are you a Lapidary?

    Because you look like a rare gem I want to collect.

    (A lapidary is someone who looks for gemstones and stuff like that)

  4. A kiss upon the hand of someone you truly love, is more beautiful, and more valuable than any diamond or gem could ever be.

  5. Are you a ruby? Because you are both beautiful and intelligent.

  6. Are you an Amber? Because I want to be inside you like the masquito in Jurassic Park.

  7. Are you an amethyst? Because I need you to contorl my evil thoughts.

  8. Baby, are you an aquamarine crystal ball? Because I can see myself in you.

  9. Baby, you are like alexandrite, because you are beautiful under all different lighting.

  10. Hey baby, what is your birthstone?

gemstone pickup line
What is a Gemstone pickup line?

Funny gemstone pickup lines

I must be a diamond now, because you just gave me a hardness of 10

I need a red garnet stone to help cure my heart palpitations from looking at you.

I think God took an emerald stone and made your eyes out of it.

I think God took the pigment out of an aquamarine and put it in your eyes.

gemstone pickup line
This is a funny Gemstone pickup line!

If I can be a gemstone, I would be a garnet, so you can wear me to keep you health.

If I can be a gemstone, I would carved it into a heart shape and give it to you.

Is your birthday in April? Because you are a diamond.

Is your birthday in August? Because you are a peridot.

Is your birthday in December? Because a zircon.

Is your birthday in February? Because you are an amethyst.

Is your birthday in January? Because you are a garnet.

Is your birthday in July? Because you are hot like a ruby.

gemstone pickup line
Working Gemstone tinder opener

Is your birthday in March? Because you are an aquamarine.

Is your birthday in May? Because you are an emerald.

Is your birthday in November? Because you are a topaz.

Is your birthday in October? Because you are a tourmaline.

Is your birthday in September? Because you are a sapphire.

My love for you is like a garnet – eternally.

Please accept this Kunzite stone, because it represents my eternal love for you.

Ruby are red. Sapphire are blue. You are a gem that is hard to find.

You are a diamond, but I bet I could break you.

You are flawless like a diamond.

You have some nice jewellery.