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50 Smile Pick Up lines

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  1. There are 7.8 billion smiles on earth

    And I'm still waiting for yours

  2. There is something on your face

    A beautiful smile

    There it is again

  3. I love your curves, baby,

    And your smile is my favorite one!

  4. Are you a meme?

    Because you make me smile

  5. I used to think your curves were perfect

    But then I saw your smile and I knew what perfection really looked like

  6. I hope your day is as beautiful

    as your smile.

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What is 999,999,999 + 1?

The amount of ways I Wana make you smile.

I bet dentists HATE you -

There's no way they could improve your smile!

Hey I think we need to go into quarantine together

Because your smile is contagious

Guess what I’m wearing?

The smile you gave me:)

smile pickup line
Smooth Smile pickup line

You should call me toothpaste

The way I’m gonna put some white in your smile

Imagine you and I are in a grocery store.

We're in the produce section. You see me. I see you. We exchange a good-natured smile. You can't help but notice something odd about me: I'm carrying a large amount of limes. It puzzles you, but you go back to your shopping nonetheless.

After a while, you see me start to walk past you. As I do so, I spill the limes all over the floor around you. Exasperated, I bend down to pick them up. I do a poor job of it, spilling two every time I pick one up. Eventually, I stop and look up at you with a nervous grin and say "I'm so sorry, ma'am. I'm no good at pickup limes."

Most people call me Collgate

Because I put the white in your smile.

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I can finally cut my electric bill!

Your smile will light up every room.

This cold ain't as infectious as your smile.

I like your hair, eyes and smile
I like every bone in your body, especially mine

Your smile is brighter than the fireworks on the 4th of July.

I think mask mandates should be reinstated

Because your smile is infectious
(This one's for when masks aren't mandatory anymore)

Every day I think of you I smile and my motion sensor picks up Sparks Fly.

smile pickup line
Working Smile tinder opener

Smile if you want to have kiss with me.

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Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favorite.

Do u see the moon out there? It so beautiful and shiny, just like ur smile.

Do you know the melting point of a human heart?

Don't know about others. But for me it's your smile ;)

Out of all these beautiful curves..

Your smile is my favourite

When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.

Hey pumpkin sweetheart – I bet I can put a smile on your face.

"Call me toothpaste"


Cuz I am really good at putting white on your smile

Are you a Goldfish

Cause you a snack that smiles back

I’ll see myself out

Your smile must be a black hole, nothing can escape its pull.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Johann.

Johann who? Johann a beautiful smile!

I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles, and even farther for that thing you do with your tongue.

Are you a goldfish?

Because you're the snack that smiles back.

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I hope your morning is as bright as your smile.

I have a PHD

*A "Pretty Huge Desire" to put a smile on your beautiful face.*

People say i don't smile much.

Bet they haven't seen me talking to you.

Smile. It is the second best thing you can do with your lips.

It's getting dark...

Can you smile real quick to brighten it up?

Is your dentist also an author? Cause your smile alone is a lovestory

Olly... are you an egg? Because the moment I see you, my smile turns sunny side up.

I love the way the dirt cracks off your face when you smile.

Roses are red, COVID is vile.

Take off your mask, I want to see you smile.

Your smile is like a supernova...brighter than anything in the universe.

Is your nickname goldfish?

Because you're the snack that smiles back

Therapy is expensive...

I'd rather watch you smile

Hey girl, are you a goldfish?

Because you look like the snack that smiles back.

Are you a chloroplast?

Because you just made my world photosynthesize with your radiant smile!

Yuh ave wan nice Colgate smile deh

Your fountain of youth makes me smile.

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