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Top 12 Clap Pick Up lines

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  1. I'm sad that i can't make it to the area 51 raid.

    But you could help me clap some alien cheeks, because that ass is outta this world.

  2. I wrote you a poem

    I wrote you a poem to tell you you’re cute

    And you look mighty fine in a swim suit

    Some would say you’re too hot for me

    But I think we are meant to be.

    Now coming to the end, may i ask for the snap?

    Because that ass id love to clap

  3. I give an entirely different meaning to the phrase ‘thunder clap’.

  4. Girl. we might be at a Pep Rally

    But the only thing I'm clapping tonight are your booty cheeks

  5. Are your cheeks hands?

    Cuz my performance will make them clap!

  6. I will be honest… clapped

  7. Did you know I am related to Eric Clapton?

    Because I can already hear clap tone of them cheeks.

  8. Hey are you related to buzz lightyear

    Cause i wanna clap those cheeks to infinity and beyond

  9. Are u located in area 51

    Cause I'm tryna clap yo cheeks

  10. I'm sorry, were you talking to me...?

    Her: (no)

    Him: Well then, please start

    *Clapping of cheeks intensifies*

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Hey girl, are you the Guinness World Record holder?
Her: for...

Me: For being the most beautiful girl

(*Clapping intensifies*)

I don't know if you noticed but, when you walked into the room, that was me giving up a clap offering.