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  1. Write on a piece of paper (your smile and your laugh).,,

    Then go to a girl, give her the paper and tell her :

    (The doctor prescribed this medicine for me)

  2. Are you a paper straw?

    Because i’ll s**... you off until you disintegrate

  3. Are you an exam paper?

    Because I forget everything when I look at you...

  4. Excuse me, Hi, i'm writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and i was wondering if i could interview you...

  5. Are you the question paper to tomorrow's exam?

    Because I'm probably gonna flip you around a couple times, realise I don't know what I'm doing and finish in 3 minutes

  6. You must be the acid to my litmus paper because every time I meet you I turn bright red.

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So this is a piece of paper with my number on it.

You should call me.

No pen, No paper

And yet you still draw my attention.

I wish I was toilet paper so I could touch your butt

So do you want to make it official and co-author a paper together?

paper pickup line
Smooth Paper pickup line

No pen, no paper

But somehow, you still draw my attention

Are you a toilet paper
Because I want to wait I got it wrong am I a toilet paper because I want to go into your kiss haha yeah that’s right wait why are you reaching into your bag and grabbing a pepper spray please no I am not a rapist sorry seriously I was just flirting I would stop if you told me you were uncomfortable ahhhhhhhhh my eyes aaaaaahhh i dont see aaaahhhhhn why why this is assault from your side i will sue you

I hope you don't mind paper cuts.

Cheesy paper Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Baby, do you need toilet paper?

Because I could be your Prince Charmin.

If I were recycled paper, would you be my organic ink?

Are you a sheet of paper? I wanna write our life story together with my pencil.

Hey girl are you toilet paper?

Cuz I wanna use you and throw you away

Clever way to get her phone number

Say you are going to perform a magic trick to victim.
Ask said person to write down their phone number on a piece of paper, but say you don't need the paper.
Ask them to add up all the digits of their phone number **excluding** the middle two.
Say something about how phone numbers are not entirely random, and that the middle two digits mostly **(say this exactly "in 99.9999% of cases this works")** formed from the addition of all the other digits divided by two + a special number that only you know, ask them for the addition number, then guess a random number. When it turns out to be wrong, ask for the sheet to check they did the maths right. Then turn to them and say, **"huh, I guess you are just a one in a million kinda guy/girl"**

Hey do you like bad boys?

Cause after I wash my hands, I use five paper towels to dry them off even though I only need two.

paper pickup line
Working Paper tinder opener

This one is really good

I'm writing a term paper on the fine things in life.
I was wondering if I could interview you?

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“Are you a paper?”

Girl: “no???”
“Oh great because I’m a rock

Do you need toilet paper?

Cause I wanna be your Prince Charmin.

Hey girl I'm a scientist working on a paper.

I am a philametologist and could use your help on my next work.

Hey baby, I can make a single roll of toilet paper last a whole year!

Hey girl, are you acid to my litmus paper,
Cause you turn me red

Hey Girl, do you need toilet paper?

Because I can be your Prince Charmin

Are you 590 paper sheets?

Because you're going to have an important role in my biography.

*for a gal w/ pen & paper*

Approach and say, now what
Her: what, huh (may vary but u got 'er attention)
You: I'm sure you were drawing my attention


I don’t get why girls are stocking up on toilet paper

When they can literally sit in my face for free🤷‍️

Do you like to play rock, paper, scissors?

Because I wanna smash you hard with my rock.

Are you a college paper?

Cause I wanna procrastinate till the last minute then spend all night doing you

You had me when you had those toilet paper delivered.

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Are you a sheet of paper?

Bcs i wanna Cover you with the ink from my pencil;)

Can you hold this?

1. Write the word 'out' on a piece of paper.
2. Ask the person you're interested in to hold it.
3. Go and order a drink. One for you. One for them.
4. Get back to them. Thank them.
5. They ask the purpose.
6. You tell them they've been holding out for a hero.

Works especially well if you can get them to hold it longer.

Then they're holding out for a hero till the end of the night.

Are you toilet paper?

Cause I can’t get enough of you

Hey girl are you associated with the Panama papers?

Can i check out your tax haven?

Want you more than toilet-paper

Roses are red
Introverts would like the quarantine

Hey honey
Be my valentine?

(Please tell me the pronunciation is "kwaren-tyn")

Are you a roll of toilet paper?
Cause everybody is fighting for you.

Baby you are like toilet paper.

I wish you can last forever

Are you toilet paper?

Cuz your exactly what I need

Edit: alternate line: cuz I see you then your gone

I’ve run out of toilet paper

Can I use you instead

I think you dropped this

(hand piece of paper with your number to them)
Seems pretty important

Does this paper smell like chloroform?

You’ll surely win tonight with this ;)

Are you a college paper?

Because I gotta do you for hours straight.

Make sure you have toilet paper.

Buy this toilet paper and it won't be the only thing wiping your kiss tonight

Are you a rolling paper?

Cause I wanna lick you

You're so fascinating, I could write a 10-page paper about you.

If my exams were as easy as having kiss with you, I'd be getting 100% scores on all my papers.

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