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  1. She: I have a boyfriend

    Me : So what? Every story has a villain.

  2. In my opinion every love story is beautiful..

    But ours will definitely be my favorite

  3. Are you a pen?

    Because I want to write my life's story with you

  4. I want to actively listen to your life story.

  5. I'm working on a story. Maybe you can help me with the climax.

  6. You and me like a Biology. Its an endless story.

  7. Have you heard about the curious case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Well, long story short, they would both like to go on a date with you.

  8. Lets compare stories of religious guilt trauma over Corned Beef and Kashmiri chai.

  9. I wrote the American Horror Story opening theme...

  10. Did you like Ghostory? How about making our story?

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I'm going to make like "Toy Story" and get Buzzed so I can play with your Woody.

How about you and I re-write The Story of O together?

I’ve got a love story for you: Long black meets flat white.

I would get down on one knee but.. well you know the story.

story pickup line
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I love this story

The one I tell our future kids about how i met their mother

Hey... are you... uhh.. you cute. Runs away*
Have panic attack

True story

I’ll tell you a sad story, if you’ll but lend me an ear.

I would ask for Netflix and Chill, but you look like you are into more interactive stories.

Just thought of this and had to write it down

If a girl you like posts a snap story of her walking on the beach, ask her “What do you and crushed sand have in common?”
“You’re both so fine”

I heard if you pee on a jelly fish sting it relieves some of the pain.

Anyways so funny story this jelly fish stung me on the mouth...

Hey you want to watch Toy Story with me ?

Or at least look at my woody.

Disney Cinderella

I was thinking about how Disney has a bunch of variations of the Cinderella cliche of the shoe fits. Then I realized every love story is a Cinderella Story, because it's no about if they fit shoe, it's if they fit you. So the question is, do you want to be my Cinderella?

story pickup line
Working Story tinder opener


It's really hard to start a conversation with someone you don't know very well. This one time, I started talking to the most beautiful girl in the world, and this girl, and she said... go on, then. Say something so I can keep telling my story.

Tried to come up with two xD

Hey girl are you an Instagram story?
Coz I keep swiping you right to see you again.

Hey girl are you a post on reddit?
Coz you're hot and have my upvote.

I know I'm bad at school but if you were the topic well that is a different story.

Iam bad in ENGLISH but I can tell you that I
LOVE YOU.I am bad in GEOGRAPHY but I can
tell you that you LIVE in my HEART.I am bad in
saw you.I am bad in CHEMISTRY but I can tell
you my REACTION when you SMILE.I am bad in
PHYSICS butI can tell the INTENSITY the SPARKS
of my EYES give, when they SEE you.I am bad in
every SUBJECT but I can TELL ALL.I will PASS all

Hey Babe, You know GoT last season has rushed into finishing the story

But I assure you, between us it will be a pretty long season

Best pickup line story

Guys please tell me your best pickup line story that has strong appeal and worked for you so far. Tell in detail.

Hey you like toy story right?

Because I can be a friend in you

I bought you this drink

Because I heard a guy say he would spike yours (true story)

Oh, you like Toy Story?

Because I have a HUGE Woody at my house.

Are you the time I forgot to add water to my ramen?

Cause I can't stop thinking about you.

True story, no longer allowed to make ramen when visiting my father

Hey do you like scary stories?

Cause you're lookin Frankan-Fine

You're like a broom...

Cause you helped me erase my past bad experiences from my heart and made space to write a new story, together

- Day 24